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November 6th, 2018

  • World’s Only 100% Smear-proof Color Cosmetics
  • Introducing the newest addition to our Matte Moisturizer collection!
  • Capture that perfect fall look with newest color Matte Yams
  • Lip Ink is committed to being a vegan, all natural, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly company. Visit today!

September 18th, 2018
  • World’s Only 100% Smear-proof Color Cosmetics
  • It’s that time of year to pick up your favorite fall Lip Ink colors today. You can mix and match your favorite colors.
  • Lip Ink is the hottest selling natural, organic, vegan and kosher selling lip color of 2018.
  • Lip Ink not only lets women feel their best but it lets them do it cruelty free. Visit today!

July 31st, 2018

Get your perfect summer lip color combination with our Smear-proof Liquid Lipstick Sampler Kit.
You have the ability to mix and match your favorite colors!
And don’t worry, you can totally wear it in the water!
  • Made in USA with Natural, Vegan, Organic and Kosher Botanical Ingredients
  • Wax-less Formula Free of Artificial Preservatives
  • 100% Smear-Proof, Waterproof, and Ultra-Durable
  • Can be layered with other LIP INK colors and products giving you dozens of new colors and shades to try
  • The same internationally patented formula used in LIP INK's Brow and Eye Cosmetics
January 22nd, 2018

Become a Member today!
Thank you for taking a look at LIP INK International
We are very proud of our Smear proof line of cosmetics that are Vegan, Kosher, and Cruelty Free
Join now to become part of our members only program that offers special rates
Inquire more at LIP INK Members Only!

December 20, 2017

December 4, 2017

October 28, 2017

September 26, 2017

November 14, 2016

LIP INK Tattoo, Bruisce & Scar Cover-up Kit

Note: Requires your own Makeup Brush & Loose Natural Mineral Powder that matches your skin tone.

Cover up a tattoo, bruisce or scar instantly with LIP INK Semi-Permanent instant cover up that is safe to wear 24/7 and is guaranteed smear-proof. LIP INK Off Solution cleanses the skin allowing the natural mineral powders to veil any tattoo, bruises, or scars by camouflaging it to match your skin tone, while the LIP INK Liquid Lipstick in Clear acts as a perfect sealer by encapsulating the mineral powders, making it smear-proof, long lasting, and waterproof, ensuring that it doesn't smudge. The product can and should be layered at least three times until the blemishes and the surface area is fully blended. Test the results by jogging, swimming, rubbing or scratching and the blemishes will not resurface.

Each Tattoo Kit includes:
LIP INK Color in "Clear" Vial (0.25 FL. Oz)
LIP INK Off Solution Refill Bottle (4 fl. oz.)

LIP INK Lip Care Spa Treatment (Lip Smoothie Scrub)

LIP INK Lip Smoothie Scrub with Macadamia Nut Oil is the closest natural oil to our own skin's oil. The natural banana flavor combined with natural sea salt exfoliates, smoothens and rewnews your lips. The plant protein peptides build collagen tissue for fuller, more defined lips. With an increased blood flow, your lips should appear rosy pink, lump, soft and polished with a dewy fresh smooth finish.
Application should be performed with the provided Lip Loofah buffer for maximum exfoliation. Massage the buffer in a circular motion for approximately two minutes, and rinse with cool water. Upon this step, blood flow will increase to the lip area. Finishing results should show pink, plump and soft lips. For maximum benefits, repeat use atleast twice per week.


Lip Ink® just announced the launch of their newest and latest innovative product, just in time for the 2016 Holiday Season. LIP INK® Translucent Lip Tint comes in 4 easy roll on colors, transparent enough to create a natural look, for your everyday healthy lifestyle. The great part about LIP INK® is that all of their products are self-manufactured in the U.S.A. Lip Ink is vegan, Organic, natural, kosher, gluten free, wax free, and not tested on animals “cruelty free”.

LIP INK® International, Founded in 1995 by CEO Rose Nichols. The CA-based dotcom has created over 765 unique, fun to use, LOHAS, Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability color cosmetics products and it is growing rapidly by the day. LIP INK® is known worldwide for creating the world’s first and only 100% smear proof and near permanent makeup products.

LIP INK® has three generations of loyal US AND International customers. When LIP INK® Translucent Tint for the lips, face and eyelids, was announced, it was a given, that Translucent Tint Hybrid lip face and eyelid Color Roll On would be a hit.

Translucent Tint was designed for your everyday needs and for every occasion, whether it’s night or day. The great news about the new LIP INK® Hybrid Color Roll On, is that it works for all ethnicities and ages. They can also be layered with any of LIP INK® 100% smear proof liquid lipsticks. Best of all, is its ease of use when applying to your lips, cheeks and eyelids. You don’t even need a mirror to put it on. It stays put where you apply it and you forget you have it on. LIP INK® Translucent Tint does not have the “tacky thick lipstick feel” due to its weightless, sheer and long lasting formula. 22 years in the making, LIP INK® Translucent Lip Tint Roll on comes in 4 easy roll on colors, Bronzie, Pinkish, Plumish and Orangie. Lip Ink recommends that you test drive all four colors.

For more information on Lip Ink® visit our website

December 14, 2015 | El Segundo, CA


Just in time for the holidays, LIP INK® International, leader in natural cosmetics, has announced the launch of Miracle Brow® Color Stain, a waterproof cream pomade pigment to create long lasting brow shape and definition. The Miracle Brow® Color Stain, has been formulated with the active man and woman in mind. It sets instantly for, 24/7 wear.

Miracle Brow® Color stain is a breakthrough product that combines natural, organic, and vegan ingredients, to ensure a brow look that stays in place, no matter what the day brings. The pigment immediately adheres to the skin and hair, giving the brows a fuller, healthier and more polished appearance. With 5 color offerings, any skin tone and hair color can find the perfect shade to complete their look.

“I have invented a new product every 2 weeks over the last 21 years, and when I created Miracle Brow® color stain, I was looking for a brow color that is waterproof, easy to use for men and women, and was also a confidence builder.” says Rose Nichols, CEO and President of LIP INK® International. “This multitasking brow color stain is simple to use, yet an eloquent solution for every brow color need and quite amazing, as far as inventions go. I personally wear it every day.”

Founded in 1995 by Rose Nichols, LIP INK® International is a leader in natural cosmetics. All of their semi-permanent, 100% smear proof color cosmetics are natural, organic, vegan, kosher, wax and cruelty free with no GMO’s . You can purchase Miracle Brow® Color Stain, at its flagship store at or directly from LIP INK® International at

LIP INK® Announces Launch of Lip Ink® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color That Extends the Life of Lip Wear Colors Far Beyond 24/7

Lip Ink® recently announced the launch of their LIP INK® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color, that when worn under their 20-year celebrated 100% smear proof Liquid Lip Stain Color, extends the life in a quite amazing way. Worrying about having to reapply lip wear colors frequently can now be a thing of the past.

It's a common concern that women just want their lip stain to last as long as possible, while still looking great. Leader in natural cosmetics, LIP INK® has answered the call. Recently, they announced the release of their new breakthrough product, LIP INK® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color. When applying the matte moisturizer under a LIP INK® liquid lip color, the matte moisturizer extends the color's life way beyond 24/7. The new product, like all products from Lip Ink®, is completely vegan, organic, natural, kosher and cruelty free, giving women a chance to not only look and feel their best, but do so in a way that's completely ethical.

“With our newest product, LIP INK® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color, the goal was to create a lip color pallet that could be worn alone or layered under any of our 100% smear proof LIP INK® liquid lip stain colors, extending the life wear of the colors, to go far beyond 24/7 wear and durability and to eliminate the need to tattoo your lips,” says Rose Nichols, inventor of the product. “Wearing LIP INK® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color is like layering your clothing for the weather. If your goal is to have your lip color last through meals, drinks, and wake up the next morning with it intact, then you will enjoy the layering aspect of this new product. To layer, start by applying it first, then applying a LIP INK® liquid lip stain over it, up to three layers.” If the goal is to use a product with lip moisturizer, color, and a matte stain all in one, users will be pleasantly surprised how easy and great this new matte lip stain will feel and look, not to mention how long it will last.

According to the company, in addition to its effectiveness in maintaining color for long periods of time, the new product is also incredibly effective at keeping lips moisturized and healthy. Customers praise LIP INK® Magic Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Color for leaving their lips as soft as velvet and not only looking amazing, but feeling amazing as well.

Founded in 1995 by CEO Rose Nichols, LIP INK® is an El Segundo, CA-based natural and organic cosmetic company that is becoming more popular every day. Featuring a line of 100% smear proof and near permanent makeup products, the company continues to debut breakthrough products while never losing sight of their vision to stay supporting an Eco-friendly and cruelty free lifestyle.

For more information, be sure to visit Self-manufactured in the USA.

View the video on technology and application here:

LIP INK Introduces Steampunk Lip Color to their lineup

Steampunk Lip Color, an extension of LIP INK® International launches flagship Store

LIP INK®, a 100% smear proof color cosmetic line introduces Steampunk Lip Color. A revolutionary lip stain line with a festival glow and a Victorian-era likeness. The Steampunk line allows every woman to have unlimited color freedom, to be able to choose and create any color by layering the lip stain and powders/lip moisturizers . Steampunk Lip Color offers products that are free of wax, petroleum and are gluten free, created from organic, natural, vegan and kosher botanical source oils with zero artificial additives & preservatives.

Steampunk lip color line was created for an individual artisan lifestyle. Lip Ink® Neon Lip Gel lip stain kit, includes 4 color Lip Gel lip color in its collection. This is the brightest color pallet. The colors included are Orange, Violet, and Coral & Pink.

“With the steampunk Lip color line I want to provide women with color freedom, giving them a permission slip, to go beyond their daily routine lip color, explore, play and live their extraordinary life with no holes bared they can choose any color from the color wheel with a liquid herbal color technology that surpasses all other lip color they have experienced in the past and feel confident, empowered, and even make a statement with their choices. This line is especially for women with a free-spirit.” -stated by Rose Nichols creator, CEO & president of LIP-INK ® International.

LIP INK® Unveils its newest Flagship Store on line, Gentlemen Cosmetics

The first of many new flagship stores now part of the LIP INK® online experience

Gentlemen Cosmetics, a new 100% smear proof cosmetic color line for men, encompassing lip stain, brow, mustache and , eye liner color , along with various and sundry, natural personal care products, recently launched, as its newest flagship on line store. The second in a series of on line stores, as part of the Lip Ink® Gentlemen on line experience. After 19 years of sharing LIP INK ®s website, Gentlemen Cosmetics have established its own home with first class distinction. The website offers products that are free of wax, petroleum and are gluten free and are created from organic, natural, vegan and kosher ingredients.

Gentlemen Cosmetics wants to provide men of all walks of life an urban cosmetic for a healthy sustainable lifestyle that includes color. The website was designed to give the male consumer a direct access to color, personal care and fragrance products. Its newest launched products include fragrance balms, nature inspired scents, uniquely packaged to allow a man to carry it with him at all times without any hassle or worry of spillage. Gentlemen Cosmetics is looking to branch out into stores that share our Mission, vision and philosophy. Please contact us directly at colors(at)lipink(dot)com for those interested. To see our color, be sure to view our, "As Seen On Models" and "Color Swatch" pages.

“I believe in giving our modern man the ability to express and care for themselves in color. I also believe that they shouldn't have to shop in the women' section to buy their color cosmetics. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a little eye liner to boost their confidence and beauty. The Romans did it why shouldn't the men in todays society”. - stated by Rose Nichols creator, CEO & president of LIP-INK ® International.

Ethical Cosmetics: What Exactly is in Your Makeup Bag?

Though most women use makeup every single day, there are very few that know exactly what is in their makeup and what they are putting on their skin regularly. Cosmetics companies usually turn to various ingredients for their products that would possibly shock some consumers, with the cosmetics market being dominated today by chemicals and animal products that are far from appealing. Most people aren't even aware that ethically sourced alternatives are available to them such as LIP-INK , that are completely different and unique to the major cosmetic brands found on the main street. Now you can match your ethically sourced clothing with ethically sourced cosmetics that are natural and organic and even vegan, vegetarian as well as fairtrade.

It s never been easier to now combine ethically sourced clothing with makeup, as you can now find ethical fashion on the high street and online. Tones of designers and big brands such as ASOS have introduced ethical standards to their lines, and now makeup brands are doing just the same. It s not difficult anymore to go online and find loads of brands that support Fair-Trade and cover organic, vegan and recycled regulations for both fashion and cosmetics.


Often imitated but never duplicated, LIP-INK® guaranteed smear proof wax free Semi-Permanent color cosmetics are exclusively the only products of this kind available anywhere! LIP-INK Lip Color affords you the duality of both hydrating your lips while protecting them from harmful sun damage before the very first application of color. Giving your lips a succulent radiant glow rivaled only by natural sunlight. Say good-bye to that old drying effect of other longer lasting products on the market. No sealer or lip gloss over is necessary to keep it guaranteed smear proof. LIP-INK has no texture so even you will get the impression that you are not wearing any lipstick at all! LIP-INK Lip Color is environmentally friendly and is made from over 40 herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural sun filters, and FDA approved color pigments natural corn grain Ethanol preservative free base. LIP-INK natural products will have your friends “green” with envy. Available in 62 colors, you can create over 1 million shades using your own uniquely creative style. LIP-INK is seriously Vegan and absolutely Kosher! LIP-INK award winning cosmetic color products are guaranteed smear proof-wax free- Semi-permanent and because of 9 original patents, are incomparable to any other lip products on the market. LIP-INK is virtually impossible to smear even on white sheets! No more “lipstick on his collar.” Avoid those embarrassing moments of lipstick on the teeth during public appearances. You can have fuller, smoother, healthier, and younger looking lips by simply using one even stroke to apply it. Choose empowerment over trendy fads and glamour. LIP-INK Lip Color is not ink it just has the staying power of ink! LIP-INK Lip Color: Vegan, Kosher, natural, and uniquely you.

LIP-INK® s patented guaranteed smearproof makeup uses vegan, kosher, botanical, organic and natural healthy ingredients. Smear-proof and long lasting color is combined with award winning eco-friendly green chemistry botanical cosmetic technology. The ink consists of water, oil and botanical blended liquid color, and is completely smear-proof, lasting 24 hours. The color is so long lasting that no soap or water will get it to budge, so you ll need LIP INK® OFF color remover, which is gentle enough it can also be used to remove LIP INK® eye makeup too. LIP INK® color creates fuller and moisturized lips that are hydrated and protected from the sun. The botanicals in the lip formula also create a natural exfoliation, leaving your lips softer, smoother and healthier. Blending various layers of color can make hundreds of different shades to suit your style.

Ethical Testing:

Ethical cosmetics are becoming more as more popular as more people become aware of what is being put into their makeup. They also used to be incredibly difficult to actually find, however natural brands online make it more accessible and much easier for you to get your hands on organic and ethically friendly products. Ethical tests are consistently carried out in order to determine which brands are the most and least ethical. They consider the major effects on the elements of environment, animals, people, politics and product sustainability. With regards to the environment, they look into the ingredients within the products such as lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and face powder in order to see if any harm was implemented on the environment. The products are also tested for not only their animal testing, but also their ingredients that are actually from animals, and their effects on us are also considered as many ingredients may cause reactions to the skin.

Natural and Organic:

Changing your makeup routine can often be seen as a bit of a challenge, but there are huge benefits to switching to natural and organic cosmetic makeup and mineral foundations. It s finding them is often a difficulty. Some products may claim to be organic and natural, however it is important to find certified cosmetics to organic standards. These natural products will be free from synthetic solvents, dyes, lead, mercury, various chemicals and carmine. Instead you ll find ingredients such as organic jojoba seed oil, beeswax, aloe vera and shea butter that are much gentler and kinder not only on your skin but also on the environment.

Vegan & Vegetarian

People would normally only associate these terms with food and diet choices, however there are many vegan and vegetarian lifestyle choices to take and cosmetics is becoming and increasingly popular one. There are so many vegan and vegetarian beauty options that not only avoid the use of animal product but also have many health benefits to us. These products will decrease the risk of any form of reaction on the skin, as they are completely, well, natural. These natural products are more likely to actually do what they claim to do, simply because they have been researched for longer and tested more effectively than some other cosmetics. These vegan and vegetarian options are also more likely to be free from harsh ingredients such as chemicals and alcohol, as they are completely ethically sourced.

Changed Your Mind on Cosmetics?

Just bought a load of new makeup and have decided you want to swap to more ethically sourced products? Found that the products don t quite live up to their claims? Or have you suffered from a severe reaction from the ingredients? Then you can actually refund them, no matter what you ve heard. It has been known for big stores to accept returns on products, even ones that have been used more than once. This way, you will be able to test products to make sure you are picking the one that is right for you. However, advises you that it is always important to check a retailers refund policy before you buy . With purchases made online on the other hand, it is always best to double check with the retailer before purchasing and changing your mind. Total Beauty suggests that you may have been persuaded to buy certain products due to sales advisers selling technique of complimenting and telling you what you want to hear , especially when it comes to cosmetics. But you may have found that the products have produced nasty reactions because they are simply not right for your skin.


EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA / January 19, 2010

Where innovation, sustainability and high performance meet superior level research & cutting-edge patented technology make lip Ink® International an innovative company in color cosmetic products to satisfy every need.


lip Ink® International Qualifies Specialty Retailers for sales and Distribution of the Worlds Only Guaranteed Smearproof Semi Permanent 24-7 lip Color

El SEGUNDO, CAlIFORNIA / June 24, 2009

El Segundo, Calif., June 22, 2009- After 15 years of self-manufacturing innovative green cosmetic color technology for lips, Eyes, Face, Brows and lashes, lip Ink® International announces the much anticipated launch of its first pre-packaged production of it s most popular product, The Worlds Only Guaranteed Smearproof Semi-Permanent lip color Sampler Kit. In ten celebrated collections with their hand-crafted, environmentally friendly, exclusive point of purchase display, the Sampler Kit is economically priced at only $388.50 for stores to become a lip Ink® Specialty Retailer!

As the pioneer of semi-permanent cosmetics and the creator of the first e-commerce cosmetic site, lip Ink® International has finally opened the doors and made it more accessible to put lip Ink® products in every possible retail location and instantaneously closer to their mission of replacing outdated lipstick with a superior alternative, while empowering women from all walks of life to experience the freedom and confidence of wearing lip Ink® Wax Free Semi Permanent Cosmetics®.

The paradigm has shifted and lip Ink'®s tingly fresh with maximum hydration botanical lipstick replacement, has ultimately achieved an untouchable level for it's award winning, cutting edge, cosmetic technology, exclaimed Nicole Trutanic, Sales Manager of lip Ink® International and concept architect for The Specialty Retailer Program.

The public is finally ready for a demonstration-free purchase, says Inventor, Alchemist and lip Ink® International CEO/President Rose Nichols. We brought our natural, organic, vegan, kosher, patented and smear-proof, semi-permanent lip color back from the future for a healthy sustainable lifestyle and we are excited at the opportunity, to offer lip Ink® believers a fun and profitable way to spread the word

lip Ink®" Not Ink, just the staying power of Ink" 105 Eucalyptus Dr. El Segundo, CA 90245 Phone 1-800-496-9616 fax 310/414-9233 [email protected]

Brandyn Reynolds Announces His New Role as lip Ink's ecommerce Anchor
For The Exclusive Management of's Affiliate Programs

El SEGUNDO, CAlIFORNIA / June 2, 2009

Brandyn Reynolds, lip Ink® s own in-house ecommerce Anchor, has announced that he will be exclusively managing the LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl ( Affiliate program. We welcome his innovative, progressive style and look forward to him raising the bar of excellence by orchestrating an array of stimulating, out-of-the-box affiliate marketing tools that will surely build effective and long-lasting relationships around the globe. Backed by the award-winning Commission Junction network, Brandyn brings to the affiliate program many successful years of experience in marketing and production management in the finance sector as well as a strong coaching background and we are pleased to have him on board with us as part of the world-renowned LIP-INK® team.

LIP-INK® International is a lifestyle Green chemistry technology company founded in 1995 by Rose Nichols that self manufactures Semi-Permanent Cosmetics®. Self manufactured in the USA, LIP-INK® multi-patented award winning cosmetics are wax free, waterproof, liquid lip, eye and brow color that is Guaranteed smear proof and long lasting, truly ahead of their time. When layered, consumers have the ability to create over one million colors. lip Ink® products are safe and natural, utilizing herbs, botanical, vitamins, minerals, natural sun protectors, and humectants, giving you a moist, and tingly, fresh, long lasting color finish that s virtually impossible to smear. LIP-INK®INTERNATIONAl proudly provides products that are PETA approved, Vegan, Kosher and meet Green guidelines. LIP-INK® International cosmetics are currently available at spas, salons, doctors' offices, retail locations worldwide and, of course, at and its founder, Rose Nichols, are both truly revolutionary. She s a visionary and our partnership is truly revolutionary in itself, our vision for this Affiliate Program is something unlike any other out there, it s brand new and the outcome will be nothing less than amazing, said Reynolds. lip Ink® International has weathered the storm for 15 years now, and has been on the cutting edge of innovative, creative and truly extraordinary, technology and I m honored to assume my new role here with lip Ink® International as the new Affiliate Manager.




HITS A HOME RUN AT CAF lA BOHEME Gifting Suite Morphs Into One Big Hollywood Party!

West Hollywood - On February 10, 2009, Caf la Boheme -- world-renown for 5-star cuisine and stunning interior - opened its Tuscan country villa doors to host the party of the week! Good times and good will was the order of the day with exquisite food & drink, great music and outstanding gifts. Over 200 of Hollywood s finest turned out to celebrate Valentine s Day and grab a sneak peek at what s hot for the Oscar red carpet. "Wow, this is a party and a suite! The vibe in here is amazing!" said Rumer Willis, 2009 Miss Golden Globe. "The food is wonderful and all of the vendors are so incredibly nice!" said Emmy Winner Glynn Turman. Guests enjoyed a fabulous array of fashion for him and her, the finest in skin care and fragrance, lingerie, exotic trips, elegant jewelry, fancy footwear, delectable goodies, exotic spirits and more!

Melanie Griffith, William Shatner, Eric & Eliza Roberts, Hector Elizando, Esai Morales, Carrie Preston, Kathy Najimi, Sofia Milos, Corey Feldman, Tia Carrera, Greg & Elizabeth Grunberg, Catherine Oxenberg & Casper Van Dien, Alice Greczyn, James Avery, James Kyson lee, Jeff Garlin, Jodi lynn O Keefe, Kathy Joosten, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kym Whitley, lou & Carla Ferrigno, Christian De la Fuente, Ted McGinley, Menyone DeVeaux, Nadia Bjorlin, Neal McDonough, Michael Welch, Nia long, Robert David Hall, Rolanda Watts, Stacy Keibler, and Tony Dovoloani to name a few, were among the bevy of celebrities and industry VIPS who were treated to the best of the best!

Gifts and services were provided by Capelta Boots by Monique, Juan Juan, liz Alpert Jewelry of The Spirit, Mimishooz, Ryn Footwear, Imperial Collection Super Premium Vodka, It Works!, Green Apple Active, The Clara Kasavina Collection, Jewelry by Colette, Aquamantra, Armies Wear, Aglow Candles, Camille Flawless Haute Couture, Mignon Chocolate, EJ Diamonds, LIP-INK Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, Patented Wax, Shiekh Shoes, Seacret Spa, The Tom James Company, BlO & GO, Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa, GlOtoSlEEP, The Golden Door, Mon Ami, Hai Elite, Kama Sutra, Original Bombshell, Hollywood Pin-Ups, Cadillac Fragrance for Men, Tina Ruggiero, M.S., R.D., Indira Jewelry, Electric Body, True Religion Fragrance for Women, Bestow Boutique, Here Comes The Guide, Sedona Bliss Spa Products, Pavonia Skin Care For Men, Honey Pacifica and lane Bryant.

The 2009 Valentine Romance & Sneak Peek Oscar Suite was produced by Anita Talbert and Doris Bergman. 01/13/08- FOR IMMEDIATE RElEASE MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: Doris Bergman 310 397-3638 / [email protected] THE 2009 VAlENTINE CElEBRITY ROMANCE SUITE BRINGS lOVE & GlAMOUR TO AWARDS SEASON Fashion & lifestyle Elegance for The Red Carpet and the Boudoir!

A sneak peak at just a few of the participants includes:

lip-Ink® Patented Wax Free™ Semi-Permanent® Cosmetics brings the most amazing personal care and beauty products for both men and women. Who says you can t look fabulous, first thing in the morning? And for those who have trouble sleeping, and who doesn t? GlOtoSlEEP™ combines modern technology with ancient wisdom to create a revolutionary new sleep mask that clears your mind, quickly relaxes you and gets you to sleep naturally.

To become a VIP gift bag product sponsor for the 2009 Valentine Celebrity Romance Suite contact Anita Talbert at 310-276-9318 or [email protected]



LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl Announces Partnership with Brand labs

Michigan based e-commerce agency, Brand labs, is proud to announce the recent partnership with LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl. The goal of this partnership is to increase sales growth and brand awareness of the affiliate program on Commission Junction network.

LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl the original and only wax free semi-permanent cosmetic line. Designed and founded by Rose Nichols January 1995. She reserves the impressive achievement of providing the world's only multi patented waterproof long lasting guaranteed smear proof color cosmetic line, giving women the ability to make over one million colors utilizing her ECO friendly botanical liquid color layering technology.

"I am happy to finally spread the message of LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl and reach a larger client base by working with Brand labs," Nichols said when asked to comment on her reaction to this partnership.

The LIP-INK® INTERNATIONAl product line contains over 550 natural, hand-crafted award winning cosmetics which are self manufactured in the USA. Nichols has carefully followed the strict guidelines of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create the products. Her efforts have not only created a long lasting makeup solution for active individuals by providing 100% smear-proof patented technology but also strengthened women's confidence.

The employees of Brand labs are excited to work with Nichols and help deliver the positive message that she has communicated since 1995.

About Brand labs

Brand labs is the market leader in design and development for the Volusion e-commerce platform. Offering a complete range of Marketing and SEO packages, but maintaining the ability to customize programs to suit every need, they serve both small businesses and million-dollar corporations. Visit, or call 1.877.837.4792 for more information.




lip Diva® and LIP-INK® International are aligned as one in shared fundamental beliefs, ethics, and intentions to provide guidance, foundation and structure to make decisions, that are safe, natural, healthy, recyclable, organic, kosher, renewable resource solutions that support our lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (lOHAS) , 24-7, global, eco-friendly, world. It is our deepest desire to empower, inspire, and transform through awareness, to go beyond illusion with creative, enjoyable, breakthrough ideas.

We are a technology company, that self manufactures multi-patented, demonstratively superior, semi-permanent® cosmetics that are guaranteed smear-proof with over one million colors to chose from.

We offer an open invitation to our industry leaders or complementary lOHAS lifestyles corporations, to join us through our technology licensing, in our quest for excellence.

Exclusive Complimentary Test Drive -

Offer Allows Consumers to Experience for the First Time the Original Multi-Patented
and Guaranteed Smear-Proof liquid lip Color

leading innovative lifestyle cosmetic company LIP-INK® International, creator of the world s original Semi-permanent cosmetics®, invites women to trade in their outdated long-lasting lipstick tubes for the newest generation of smear-proof lip coloring. Owning the industry s first and only 100% guaranteed smear-proof lip coloring technology, LIP-INK® International boasts a superior line of multi-patented liquid lip colors that are far superior to any other manufacturer s products available on the market today.

Once women try our wax-free and organically formulated line of liquid lip colors they will never want to wear those other long-lasting waxy lipsticks again ." stated Rose Nichols, lip Diva and Founder of LIP-INK® International. Our product line is so technologically advanced, it s been granted 8 US and Foreign patents; formulated with the finest herbs and botanicals; offers moisturizing and a tingly fresh sensation; provides full-spectrum UVA & UVB sun protection; and guaranteed smear-proof seal of approval. There is also a herbal Off remover to take it off when you want to take it off.

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary:

Ordinary long-lasting lipsticks (generally described as touch proof, budge proof, kiss proof and transfer resistant) simply last a long time, but unfortunately their staying power is not guaranteed. On the other hand, LIP-INK® International s long-lasting lipsticks a re in a league of their own simply because they are not only long-lasting, but they are also semi-permanent and 100% guaranteed smear-proof. This superior formulated and technologically advanced line of multi-patented liquid lip colors will stay on in the shower, while kissing a significant other, eating an oily meal or enjoying beverages. They have a 24-7 staying power, and you can even wear them to bed. These extraordinary products will not come off until they are taken off.


Try Us for FREE

To participate in LIP-INK® International s UPGRADE YOUR lONG-lASTING LIPSTICK CAMPAIGN, consumers simply need to mail back an old tube of long-lasting lipstick along with their contact information to the address listed at, where additional instructions and product information can also be found. Participants will receive a complimentary trial kit featuring the latest Rosewood color (valued at $16.50), complete with free shipping and handling. This special promotional offer is valid until supplies last. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

To further uphold LIP-INK® International s mission to live green as an eco-friendly company, all of the lipstick tubes that are received will be safely recycled at a toxic waste site.

Backed by multiple patents and industry awards, LIP-INK® PATENTED WAX-FREE™ SEMI-PERMANENT® COSMETICS is leading the revolution of lip color today. Established in 1995, LIP-INK® International is the only wax-free smear-proof cosmetics in the world with a product line containing over 550 natural, personally hand-crafted products, all made in the USA under the strict guidelines of CTFA and FDA. In addition to liquid lip color, lip Ink® International offers Miracle Brow®, Miracle Brow® Tint, lip liners, Eye liners, lash Tint, Wax-less lip Balm™, Tinted Shine, lip Plumpers, and other accessories.


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