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Pure Ingredients

We offer paraben-free, natural, organic, kosher, and lifestyle cosmetics that are patented and guaranteed smearproof, semiperminent,waterproof, and long lasting. Whether you're looking for the best tinted lip gloss, the brightest natural lip shimmer, or the smoothest organic mascara lash tint, you can find the best products right here at LIP INK. Our ECO liquid color products are healthy and natural, organic, wax-free, and paraben-free. Our LIP INK® Semi-Permanent lip color is waterproof and made of over 40 natural herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with FDA approved color pigments and sunscreens. You can wear our color all day long; through a meal, drinks, or even to bed!

Show off your beautiful face with our organic, natural and safe products. Give your eyes that extra sparkle, your lips that extra fullness, hydration and shine. These award winning products will give your skin a special glow that you can't find anywhere else.

Showcase and accentuate your natural beauty with our stunning line of organic make-up, beauty enhancers and aids. Find out more about our organic make-up, and treat yourself to healthy, safe, luxurious, fabulous, and natural beauty products.

Treat yourself to natural, healthy, organic, beautiful, and safe lifestyle color cosmetic and personal care products. Our products are self manufactured in the United States by LIP INK International. Find the best organic lip tint, paraben free lip gloss, lip plumper, and matte lip moisturizer to promote your natural beauty.

To provide the safest and most natural lifestyle products, our lip tint, lip liner, lip gloss, brow liner and eye liners, along with our face and hair care lines, are completely paraben-free. We provide a natural alternative to paraben in all of our color and personal care products.

Hydrate and moisturize naturally and organically with LIP INK's fresh, herbal liquid color cosmetics. From the smear- and paraben-free liquid color, to waxless lip balm, our products have the moisturizing power of natural botanicals that will quench your thirst for organic cosmetics.

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