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Tinted Waxless Lip Balms

LIP INK® Waxless Lip Balmsprotect, moisturize and act as a base conditioner adding a beautiful sheen of color. Contains UVA/UVB full spectrum 30SPF. All LIP INK® Waxless Lip Balms can be layered with any of LIP INK's over 100 other wax-free lip moisturizers - and can be applied under or over all LIP INK® Colors.

LIP INK Waxless Lip Balms
LIP INK® Waxless Lip Balm is designed for the lips, but can be used creatively - and safely - in your hair, on your eyelids, or even on yourface. Available individually, or in one of 10 special trio collections. "Lips contain little or no melanin to screen out the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. They need to be protected and moisturized. As consumers pay more attention to the health of their lips, they want Lip Care with advanced ingredients, not just low-cost, waxy balms." Valerie Ryan, Marketing Coordinator Blistex Limited of Ontario, Canada