Botanical Moisture

For thousands of years, plant materials, or botanicals, have been used in many different products and aspects of life. In the search for the most natural materials to provide the best organic make-up, LIP-INK® features botanicals in virtually all products. The inherent properties of these moisturizing botanicals make them a safe, healthy, and natural way to moisturize. Our natural lip tint and natural lip gloss is specially formulated with moisturizing botanicals, and over 40 herbs, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, with FDA approved color pigments and sunscreens.

Get the best botanical, vegan, and wax free lip moisturizers to keep your lips looking plump, healthy and shiny, your skin radiant, your hair soft, and your eyes glowing with LIP-INK® safe, natural, kosher, and Eco friendly organic cosmetics.

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