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Lash Tint (Not Mascara)

LIP INK® Lash Tint will cover (not dye) any gray/bleached hairs for a look that will make your eyelashes look natural. Add lash color by applying directly to upper and lower lashes. Apply up to 3 layers. LIP INK® Lash Tint will not add fullness or length but will add incredible color. Wear in confidence knowing you will have beautiful, natural looking lashes all day long. Will not irritate contacts or disturb eyelash extensions. Waterproof, smearproof, waxless and all natural as always.
Goes great with OFF Foam- to take color off at the end of the day: compatible with contact lenses, eyelash extensions, dyed eyelashes etc..because it is oil-free, also removes ANY type of mascara out on the market today!

Lash Tint - Brown