Our Products Are Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Yes, our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. LIP-INK® International Cosmetics are the world's first patented, environmentally friendly, and refillable makeup products!

Our organic cosmetics contain over 40 herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and are Vegan, Kosher, and Natural with maximum Hydration and Sun Protection. Our lip colors are so durable, you can wear them 24-7--through your work day, meals, and even sleep without harsh effects on your skin (and it feels like you aren't wearing any makeup at all).

As part of our Green Vision we....

  • Are active in pollution and waste reduction (check out our recycling programs)
  • Are connected to our community
  • Are considered honest and trustworthy
  • Make higher quality products
  • Make safety a priority

We are proud to offer two recycling programs as part of our Green Vision. Just send us any (4) empty regular sized LIP-INK® vials and we will let you choose any (1) LIP-INK® Liquid Lip Color for free!

We will also give you a chance to order extra items through the recycle program at full price with free shipping.

You will receive a limit of (2) free LIP-INK® Lip Colors of your choice with the first (8) empty full size vials you return for recycling. However, we encourage you to send in all of your empty vials for recycling (Please see coupon for more detailed information).

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