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LIP-INK® promotes the usage of organic and natural cosmetics with semi-permanent capabilities. Famous for their line of Semi-Permanent Lip Stain, LIP-INK® products are made of over 40 natural herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with FDA approved color pigments and sunscreens. LIP-INK® promotes Semi-Permanent and organic make-up with an assortment of natural cosmetics created to last up to 24 hours. LIP-INK® semi permanent lip color® contains natural minerals, herbs, botanicals, and vitamins to help you lead a colorful cosmetic and organic lifestyle.

Achieve a natural beauty regime and an organic lifestyle with LIP-INK® eco-friendly semi-permanent liquid lip color® . Get all day lip color, along with organic and natural enhancements, with lip tint, lip gloss, and lip shimmer.

The movement to become green is radiated through LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® . This natural lip gloss is available in various tints from innocent pinks to bronzy browns and can provide a moisturizing base or simple lip shine for the green woman.

Sustain bold and beautiful lips with LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® . This natural lip stain continues to provide lasting lip color for up to 24 hours. LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® is smear proof--even through water.

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