Tinted Semi-Permanent Lip Color®

Sustain bold and beautiful lips with LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® . This natural lip stain continues to provide lasting lip color for up to 24 hours. LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® is smear proof--even through water.

Retaining semi-permanent color paints an organic and healthy cosmetic alternative for any lifestyle. LIP-INK® provides a variety of lifestyle cosmetics that are 100% wax free, with absolutely no glycols, parabens, or lead. Since LIP-INK® lip color® is semi-permanent, lipstick application is reduced to once daily--saving time, money and the environment.

LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® is available in large collection of colors varying from lava red to champagne. Color categories include: Classic Colors, Wood Colors, Red Colors, Chakra Colors, Glitter Colors, Ultra Colors, Neon colors, Bronzers, Uplifting Colors, and Toner Colors.

LIP-INK® natural lipstick enhances the color visibility to portray luscious lips from your morning work commute to your evening dinner date. LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® is made out of over 40 natural herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with FDA approved color pigments and sunscreens.

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