Our Products Work Better Than Other Make-Up Products


Say goodbye to your dry, chapped lips for good with our lip moisturizer. Just apply the moisturizer before your favorite LIP-INK® shade to quench their thirst, and protect them from sun damage. If you feel the need for some extra nourishment throughout the day, just reapply the moisturizer over your color--it won't smear.

We promise that your lips will stay hydrated and protected 24/7 because LIP-INK® Lip Colors are different! Our products don't create a drying effect like the other long lasting products on the market because you don't need a sealer or lip gloss over the color to keep it smear-proof. LIP-INK® Lip Colors have no texture, it doesn't feel like you are wearing Lipstick at all! You will just have a custom, naturally beautiful and hydrated smile!


Yes, finally a 100% smear-proof Lipstick!

You can rest assured that LIP-INK® Lip Color's award winning formula with patented technology, will never come off. You can kiss your sweetie, and he won't get lip color on his lips. You can also shower, work out, and even eat and sleep with perfectly colored lips.


Another key difference between other lipsticks and LIP-INK® Products is that they are semi-permanent.

In a nutshell, you won't ever have to worry about re-application between meals, business meetings, or good-night kisses, because your color will be there all day, and still look amazing into the night.

Create Over 1 Million Custom Colors

Yes we hold the world's record! We can make over one million lip colors. Well, actually you can, but our wide collection of colors make it possible.

You can design and alter your own custom shade by layering 1, 2, or 3 layers of one LIP-INK® Liquid Lip color, or by layering up to 3 different colors at once. You can also layer Magic Powders on top your color to lighten any custom shade.

Not only will your lip color stay on all day and never smear, all of your many LIP-INK© shades will be as unique as you.

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