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Semi-Permanent vs. Long Lasting


We at LIP INK® are so confident in our product that if you find that your lip color smears we will give you your money back!

LIP INK® Semi-Permanent vs. Long Lasting Lip Color

Long Lasting is simply long lasting - nothing more than that! It means that the lip product is going to last a long time, with no guarantees and no promises to back it up. Long lasting lipsticks usually have descriptive words like touch proof, budge proof, kiss proof, transfer resistant representing long lasting. It's the difference between products that are water-resistant and water-proof.

Semi-permanent on the other hand is in a world of its own. Created specifically by LIP INK® International. Semi-permanent, by definition: means that the product is not only long lasting, it is virtually impossible to smear. It is 100% smear-proof. You can wear it to bed, shower with it, kiss your children or significant other, and eat an oily meal and drink with confidence that your lipstick is not going to come off.

Note: If you find that your lip color is smearing, please follow the directions exactly. We would need to test the product to determine if it is in fact smearing.

LIP INK® Semi-Permanent Makeup & Lip Stain Lipstick

If you're tired of the constant wearing, feathering, smearing and smudging of your cosmetics and are ready for a change, LIP INK® is the right place to be. LIP INK® uses only the highest quality ingredients to create the finest semi-permanent makeup and permanent lip color available. We have numerous US and foreign patents backing our name and are the original creator of waxless, waterproof, smear-proof, and ultra-durable, natural liquid lip color. We are currently the only brand to offer 100% guaranteed smear-proof lip color. Furthermore, our entire line of semi-permanent makeup and lip color collection is organic, vegan, kosher & botanical.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our lip stain lipstick collection now and enjoy the freedom of never needing to touch-up your lipstick again!