Green Lip Moisturizer

The movement to become green is radiated through LIP-INK® semi-permanent lip color® . This natural lip gloss is available in various tints from innocent pinks to bronzy browns and can provide a moisturizing base or simple lip shine for the green woman.

Moisture your lips in both a natural and organic fashion with green Lip Moisturizer from LipInk® . This paraben free moisturizer is available in 6 tantalizing tints. Ideal as a base conditioner, Tinted Shine Moisturizing Lip Gloss contains moisturizing botanicals, and over 40 herbs, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, with FDA approved color pigments and sunscreens. This makes lip moisturizers environmentally friendly, and green.

For modern women seeking an organic an green lifestyle, this natural lip gloss embodies amenities from plant materials and botanicals. LIP-INK® prides itself on the utilization of natural ingredients to produce natural and organic cosmetics.

The green movement is escalating in our world with the promotion of minimal energy usage, waste management and environmentally friendly products. LIP-INK® is a strong advocate of green living, natural products, and an organic lifestyle with the creation of natural, kosher, and Eco-friendly organic cosmetics.

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