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Daily Lippie Customer Review

daily lippie wearing lip ink “Dailylippie loves red lip shades especially Lip Ink’s Fire Red”

Sunny Lee Customer Review

sunny lee lip ink testimonial “Unsolicited testimonial: My name is Sunny Lee. I am 82 years old and live in San Diego, California.
I have been using the LipInk products for 18 years, since I first bought them at the Del Mar Fair.
I have about 5 different colors of lipstick. I get compliments on my colors all the time.
The most impressive thing about the lipsticks is they absolutely do not smear.
I put it on in the morning and even after breakfast, lunch and dinner they stay as fresh as newly applied.
There are lipsticks on the market that advertise that they "stay on all day" and "do not smear."
I tried an expensive brand and had to reapply it several times during the day.
They just DO NOT do what they advertise.
No more getting lipstick on cups, glasses and people's faces and clothing when I kiss them.
They also make great gifts.”
– Sunny Lee

Tiah Eckhart Customer Review

tiah wearing lip ink pink “Tiah Eckhardt wearing Lip Ink “Pink”
She loves the long lasting durability she gets through the day.”
– tiah

miyabita Customer Review

miyabita loves lip ink's plum red “New lipstick, PLUM RED by Lip Ink
Nothing has to suffer for me to look good
As always, make up is vegan :)
#redlips #redlipstick #lipink #makeup #veganmakeup #witchywoman ”
– miyabita

miyabita Customer Review

miyabita pictured wearing lip ink earth red “New lipstick came in today. Lip Ink in EARTH RED. Unsmudgable and unruinable. Loving it”
#redlips #redlipstick #veganmakeup
– miyabita

rubiredlipstick Customer Review

Janet loves Lip Ink smear-proof “ Loving the fact that Lip Ink is completely smear-proof”
– Janet

Amber Day Customer Review

amber day wearing lip ink TF Pink red "loving the red kiss vibes today; shirt and lips #lipstain @lipink"
Pictured wearing TF Pink Red

Reddit: User: 25748 Customer Review

reddit reviews lip ink "Lip Ink is the longest lasting lip color I have ever used; it certainly lives up to the "semi-permanent"
claims as it can survive almost anything."

Alizzaruinenlust Customer Review

customer review lip ink instagram: Alizzaruinenlust pictured wearing Energy Red and Black Dahlia

Black Milk and Tea Customer Review

blackmilkandtea loves lip ink instagram: blackmilkandtea pictured wearing Energy Red

Elizabeth Edquist Customer Review

instagram lip ink review "Elizabeth loves lip ink for its long lasting ability.
She is wearing Fuchsia."

Roxanne Customer Review

roxanne loves vegan lip ink "Not only are the products organic, vegan and everything they are claimed to be,
but the owner of this establishment is very passionate about her product.
Who doesn't want all-day lip color on a wedding day?

Kiersten won Lip Ink’s huge $600+ product Giveaway

“Thank you so much for the basket of lip goodies!
It arrived today and I can't wait to try out some of the things that I haven't tried before.
Btw, that chocolate mint gloss smells absolutely amazing!
kiersten is a lucky lip ink winner

Brilliant Magic Powders - LIP INK TESTIMONIAL

“I receive many compliments with my Lip Ink Brilliant Magic Powders & I just say it’s magical”
Quote by Sheena

The Caviar Spoon Review

LIP INK Shine Moisturizer with Sunscreen Protection!

lip ink contains UV protection

This is the first and only SPF that keeps my lips from burning at the beach
After years and years and YEARS of searching for some sort of SPF product that would keep my lips from burning, I can't believe it's this Lip Ink shine layer that has finally done it for me. I'd tried every highly touted product; bull frog, white-ish zinc products, lipsticks with high SPF, and inevitably if I was out in the sun all day, my lips would be horribly swollen the next day - the problem (as I assessed it) was that with my mouth slightly open while breathing hard (running around playing frisbee or kadima on the beach), my lower lip caught the sunshine - the angle from above being such that the direct sun would hit on my lower lip right where the dry outer lip transitioned to the wet 'inner' lip where lipstick and lip balm didn't seem to stay on, and I was simply at a loss to find *anything* that would protect that area without immediately wearing off by lip licking or whatever - I mean you know what I'm talking about, we have lips - lipstick doesn't stay on the 'inside' of your mouth.... so I was seriously fearing I'd develop lip cancer and live the last few decades of my life with my lips removed and horribly disfigured (I have a morbid imagination).

So then last year I discovered the lip ink with this lip shine moisturizing top coat (which I love for all day wear) but I was VERY FEARFUL of really putting it to the test and wearing it without any additional sunscreen on my lips - but I was cautiously thrilled when the first attempt of a half day at the beach did not result in any swollen lips. Then I tried it again and again, on longer days until I was out there from 9am to 6pm in the full on summer sun (reapplying the shine layer whenever I noticed my lips getting dry) and miraculously - this is the first and only product to truly protect my lips, without any hint of burning, tenderness, or swelling the next day.

I find myself wondering how it really works, because it's a 'light' smooth innocuous non-viscous layer, it's not like it's glued on my lips or even waterproof - and yet it really works. I think if it's possible, maybe there is some protective element that absorbs into the skin so it works even if it wears off temporarily?

I would like to add for anyone with burn-sensitive lips that is going to use this as lip sunscreen, the lip ink COLOR layer does not have any SPF and I had not realized that and wore that by itself without reapplying the clear shine layer and my lips DID BURN. But after looking up the product info, that is what they do specify - no SPF on the color layer, all the SPF is in the shine layer. But it is PLENTY effective as long as you keep reapplying. And if that wasn't great enough - you can look fabulous on the beach with your shiny fresh lip-ink color lips! I like having an 'excuse' (the SPF) to wear makeup out at the beach :)

Instagram Videos of the Week!

I celebrated by wearing Lip Ink my new favorite semi-permanent lip stain. - Chainelle Molina

Energy Red is my new favorite lip shade by Lip Ink - Jirina Alanko

Hailey Rose reviews LIP INK
Hailey Rose -Wearing Lip Ink Earth Red Lip Ink was absolutely perfect for vacation. I'd wear Lip Ink for 15 hours straight- swimming in the ocean, zip-lining, indulging myself in food, going on tours, etc. My lip color stayed put the entire time!
lip ink customer testimonial

Your products have been life changing. Seriously. I communicate so much socially and romantically via kisses and now I can do so even on a fancy night out where previously I would have just avoided kisses. Thank you!

Dear Rose,
my LIP INK arrived! I'm impressed! The color is beautiful and the magic is real! Thank you one more time. I'll start saving up for the next one, till I by them all :) Girl love from Serbia! Milica
Serbia Customer Review

I visited the Lipink Store in CA recently and was completely blown away by how wonderfully the products work and how great the sales woman was with me! She let me try on colors and didn't push anything on me at all. I can't believe that this company is not more famous for how unique and long lasting their products are. I will definitely order more colors online now that I'm back in Catherine,
Seattle: Mountlake Terrace, WA United States

Groupon Customer Testimonials! See what first time customers have to say!

"Love them! Great product, wonderful staff - so happy to have found such an awesome place so close to home!" - Allison P.

"Great customer service! Look forward to trying my products soon!" - Teresa F.

"The people there were very nice. Took all the time needed to select just the right shade. The lipstick is really nice.. really does last all day. Excellent purchase!" - Sarah N.

"Good customer service. Good products. Just tried their lip stain and I love it!!" - Teresa T.

"Make sure you have about 30 minutes as they are very through with their explanation and want to make sure the colors meet your needs. Follow the directions they review or it won't stay on." -Sarah N. ·

"Be prepared to enter a nice quaint location and met by a friendly person The lip ink is AMAZING! I'm going to order more and other products! Natural ingredients is a sure plus" - Michelle F. ·

"It's a local business for me so, I picked up my two trial size products earlier today, tested them both and... LOVE this product! It's so light on my lips, I cant even tell I have on a lip 'color'! Now, just waiting to see how long it will last during a regular day. Also, super-nice and friendly staff. I'm quite sure - I'll be back soon for more items... ;) Highly recommend!" - Trixi M. ·

"Give yourself plenty of time to try on some of the colors. They have plenty to choose from."
Angel M.

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Hello! I just wanted to send an email about the phone call I received from you all today. What a nice surprise!!! I was so impressed that you all took an interest in my business so personally. I have just recently stumbled upon the lip ink product from a google search gone awry. I am a lover of cosmetics, but especially long wear lip color, as I am in a field where I wear a mask all day off and on. I was floored when I saw your product claims and couldn’t wait to try it. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this stuff! I have been trying the different colors to see which I love the most. The wear is fantastic and the glosses (especially hyper shine) are fantastic!!! I also love that there is minimal scent. Also, your company’s devotion to sustainable and healthy products. I wore coral to dinner with some girlfriends the other night (I am 31 and my friends are the same age), and I had them all looking at your site by the end of the night. They loved the look! I am just trying to try as many things as I can from you guys!
- Trisha C.

Where do I start? I was confused about the lip ink colour I wanted so I went to your Facebook page telling them what I wanted and asking for suggestions. I got a reply within a day and ordered it right away. Wow #1.
I placed an order with you for a red lip stain (fire red) and a black eyebrow liner. On your website it said to expect the package in 6 to 8 weeks. My items arrived today. In 10 days. Wow #2.
Within a day of placing the above order, I got a call (on the telephone!) from a service rep asking if I'd used your products before, and whether I knew what to expect (re: tingling and the multi-step process). We had a laugh and a nice chat and she really knew her stuff and was a pleasure to talk to. Wow #3.
When I eagerly ripped open my packet this afternoon, I saw the lip colour I ordered, the brow liner I purchased and several extras. A beautiful (and I mean freaking gorgeous fuchsia colour that I wouldn't have ordered myself), a small packet of shine moisturizer, an off towellete, some magic powder, and a whole container of Off! I could barely believe my eyes. Wow #4
All this to say that I've never in my life had such good service either online or in person. Keep up the amazing work and I'll for sure tell all my friends about you (more than I already have). I write a blog and I'll definitely mention you there as well. You really are a special company and everyone needs to know this.
-Karen K, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lip Ink is fabulous! When Rose first developed the product in 1995, she personally applied my Lip Ink at the California State Fair in Sacramento. I was allergic to every cosmetic--until Lip Ink came along and saved my cosmetic life! I have been a fan ever since and use nothing but Lip Ink products. Thank you Rose for adding color and glamour to my life!
red carpet lip ink

For the mom who loves makeup, have her try something from Lip Ink. This lip stain is highly pigmented, long-lasting, & smear proof, but be sure to follow all the directions in this video to maximize its potential. They have a lovely variety of shades to choose from & they truly do stay on a long time.
Carmen ""

Voted Best everyday lip color by Wendy P from Chandlers Ford, Hampshire UK
It’s simply Indestructible, Indelible, Durable and irresistible, I love the colors.

Hello Lip Ink
As I told you on the phone today I have been a customer of LipInk International since the year 2000 when it was sold from a booth at our Delmar Fair. I had used all the lipsticks which had been advertised as "no smearing, no bleeding, no feathering, will stay on all day." In my experience none of this was true. I was frustrated having to wipe lipstick off of everything it stained including cups, glasses, napkins, people's faces and clothing. It was annoying to have to keep "refreshing" lipstick all day and evening, and having to put extra lipsticks in pockets, purses, or the glove compartment where they melted on a hot day. Those old products caused "bleeding" into the wrinkles under my lips making me look older than my present almost 80 years. Yes, I have not used another product on my mouth for 15 years! I believe it is the greatest gift to woman that has come along in my lifetime. My 26 year old granddaughter and her sister love it too. The older just got married and we were so happy to be able to depend on LipInk to stay on our lips throughout the ceremony and even after eating at the reception! I threw away all my expensive lipsticks and feel like shouting from the roof tops about LipInk. I tell every woman I know about this miracle product (and even some men). The shipment arrives, in some cases overnight. I have never had any issues that weren't solved immediately. Maybe you will come up with face-lifts in a tube. I will be the first one to order.
Sincerely, Sunny Lee

The first time I tried Lip Ink was at Ink ‘n’ Iron in Long Beach. My friend, Renee, and I had been walking past the table and I convinced her to stop to try the goods with me, as I am always a sucker for a good lip stain. Renee doesn’t typically like to wear a lot of makeup, which is why it was particularly amazing when we both fell in love with the product and immediately purchased a set of Lip Ink Color. I love the “stay all day” power of the Lip Ink Color lip stain (especially in my favorite color, Wineberry), but now that I live in SoCal and sit through a long commute every day, my lips sometimes need an extra boost of moisture. This is especially true right now, during our heat wave, when every office building and restaurant has their A/Cs on at full blast, which is a recipe for dry, cracked lips. So, you can imagine how excited I was when Lip Ink launched their new product: Lip Ink Shine Moisturizer. It makes my lips feel so soft and supple that it’s almost as though I’ve rubbed olive oil onto them (an old DIY beauty trick). But the best part is that the color is still bold and bright, and totally layerable with the original Lip Ink stain, or other Shine Moisturizers. I’ve been experimenting with layering my Wineberry stain with the Matte Berry Lip Ink Moisturizer for a shiny plum look. And the Lip Ink Moisturizer in Matte Red is my go-to for nighttime events (it matches my salon-given Jessica-Rabbit-red hair). My boyfriend, who usually hates to kiss me when I’m wearing gloppy gloss or balm, has even given the thumbs up; he likes the way the Shine Moisturizer makes his lips feel, too! Here’s a snap of Renee and I rocking our Lip Ink for the first time
-Maggie G.

THANK YOU! I cannot believe I just found out Lip Ink existed. I truly is such a great product. Instant convert, tried it and I liked it, second day I was sold! I put it on and not have to worry about my teeth, my glass, my chin being stained. Just want to spread the love, because you guys rock.
-Ana B.

Lip-Ink Lipstick has done wonders for my self-confidence in interacting with people because I know that my lipstick is fantastic and I do not have to worry whether most of my lipstick has slid off! All other lipstick products that I ever tried (and I have tried a lot) lasted about 30 minutes and then just gradually wore off. So every thirty minutes, I would need to put on my lipstick again. It is not convenient when I talk to someone or being the master of ceremonies at a multi-national meeting to take a “make-up break”. It is also really embarrassing to put on your lipstick in public, especially when you are the only woman at the meeting and you are intensely interacting with someone or many people constantly.

Lip-Ink Lipstick will last on my lips at least 4-6 hours without coming off and it keeps looking almost as good as when I first put it on! Most other people have to take if off with the “Off” product because it is so permanent! Compare the 4 hours of confidence to the 30 minutes of using other lipstick and you will see why I have bought Lip-Ink Lipstick for more than 20 years! Of course, a drink (like water) or eating something is the true nemesis of other lipsticks, but NOT Lip-Ink. Because I take a lot of medications to survive, I have “extremely” dry mouth. Yes, I use the Biotin products plus a prescribed toothpaste to help my dry mouth, but I still have to drink something in order to just continue talking. If I fail to drink my water, after about 10 minutes, my mouth gets so dry that I start slurring my words so no one can understand what I am saying. So I do not have the privilege to wait until an event or meeting is over to drink anything. It is required to hydrate my mouth constantly by drinking something. This only causes my regular lipstick to slide off QUICKER (and yes, I have tried the new lipsticks that promise that they will stay on till you take it off and they only last about an hour). With Lip-Ink, eating or drinking has NO effect on my lipstick! I have been a Lip-Ink customer for at least 20 years and counting… They have a variety of colors and I can see what lip stains are in the collection that is best for my coloring. The more coats of Lip-Ink I put on, the darker the lipstick gets so I am in control of just how deep of color I need! Going to Church? I use one coat so it is light but looks great. Going out for the evening with my husband, I can use three coat of the very same color I wore to church because 3 coats makes the color very deep and luscious.

Lip-Ink Lipstick lasts a long-time depending on how often I wear it and how many coats I use. I just ran out of one of the lipsticks I first bought called “Cherry”. I loved the color and wore it often! It made me sad that it was gone!

I do have a slight reaction to Lip-Ink Lipstick when I put it on. I feel a burning sensation which is tolerable - after using the Lip-Ink Lipstick for so many years, it is hardly noticeable now. Most people would have discarded the Lip-Ink Lipstick because of the burning, thinking they were allergic to it, but since it wears so long, I would not change to another lipstick!

The Lip-Ink website is easy to access and order plus there are daily specials so you can try other things, like the blush, the eye-liner, the tattoo cover-up etc. I encourage anyone that has my problem of getting a lipstick to stay on to buy Lip-Ink Lipstick!

No, I do not work for the company, but upon reading my comments, it sounds like I do! I am just a customer just like you that has had much practice in marketing so that is why this post sounds like I work for the company.
- Dona M

I wanted to tell you I have used Lip-Ink for the last 10 years. I have given starter lipsticks to all my friends before their weddings!! It is a great product! I love color and the elegance of Lipstick, but it is indeed messy and unfortunate when the color comes off on something else , someone else, or smears! You have solved it!
Sondra L.

As I'm ordering this, I'm reminded of a story that Marianne Williamson told in her book, A Gift of Change, about a young girl who wanted to go to CVS Pharmacy so that she could pick out her own color of lipstick. It's good to know that I have the freedom to pick out my own color as well. Thank you for your products, and as Dr. Ebin Alexander wrote in his book Proof of Heaven, all is well.
Sharon T. Rockville, MD

Hi Lip Ink, I just want to let you know I LOVE the product! I just tried the Mauve and it looks perfect. I will definitely be ordering more in the future.
Thank you, Christine

I have thrown away all the expensive lipsticks that I've collected and feel like shouting form the roof tops about LIP INK. My granddaughters like your product as well, so we are going on to the 2nd generation of Lip Ink wearers. I will tell every woman I know about this miracle (and maybe some men too).
-Sunny Lee, San Diego,CA

"I went to Sephora here in Scottsdale. I had my new LIP INK® lip color on. Customers came up to kidding!...and asked me about my lip stain. I literally stood in Sephora and marketed how great your product is. Some folks even wrote the info down. funny..."
- C Peabody

"I just don't 'like' this stuff, I LOVE it!"
-Autumn Weisz

Energy Red was my savior on my wedding day! Thank you for making such an awesome product!"
- Jessica Kutch PA

"I was wearing red then pink-it was 2pm-I had already removed what I could and he was looking at what was left over! It was quite fun for me! Knowing that I had a great color for my complexion with my hair (silver). Thought I'd pass it along. Thank you for great lips!"
- Lisa L. Rosenbaum

"I can't even go one day without my LIP INK® Chocolate Mint Gentleman's Lip Balm . It is a survival must."
- Roby Goldsmith

"I photograph weddings. I have always been interested in makeup and LOVE wearing LIP INK. It is currently the only makeup I wear, with the exception of mascara.
I have been an organic follower for almost 20 years. Your make up stays on my face when it is at over 100 degrees outside. It does not melt, smear, or smudge, on my face or lips. I never have bleeding lips anymore, it still looks wonderful!"
- Mariette

La Rayne:
"I would NEVER go backto regular lipstick in a million years! I put LIP INK Coloron in the morningand can go all day. No more rings or lipstick on my cup or glass or on my boyfriend's collar!"
"LIP INK® Cosmetics to me are like what American Express is to Travelers checks. I won't leave home without it! LIP INK® Cosmetics are the best thing to happen for women since the credit card!"
Sherry Lane, Caricatures USA

Christine Mcgurr uses the brow product to make natural looking freckles.
Christine Mcgurr
uses the brow product to make natural looking freckles.

Debbi Scarpell Testimonial
ALOHA! I first found LIP INK® in a small town called Laughlin, in Nevada. I was there for a convention with my boyfriend where we walked by the LIP INK® display that really caught my eye. Next thing I knew, he bought me LIP INK® as a special present. I had told him I loved the colors and wanted something that would stay on! Well that was 8 years ago and I have been using LIP INK® only ever since! No other lip stick compares; it tastes good, it's organic, the shine product is amazing and the colors are so different and vibrant! I get stopped ALL of the time and asked, Where did you get your lipstick? I tell them, It's not lipstick, it's LIP INK, YEAH! You can eat, drink, and even kiss with it on-and oh yes, also sing. I am a vocal/singing teacher and performer and so are most of my clientele. I will never use any other lip product, NO NEED! The LIP INK® Lip Liner is so easy to apply and it looks and feels so natural. By the way, in addition to its lifestyle and health benefits, the price is just right. The LIP INK® vials last longer than any other product out there. Mahalo LIP INK® for saving my lips and smile and protecting them from the intense Hawaiian sunshine we are exposed to daily from Kauai island.
I LOVE MY LIP INK® and ALL OF their wonderful products! ALOHA!
Ms. Debbi Scarpell

"Your product is FANTASTIC! It was wonderful meeting you at the recent Valentine Celebrity Romance Oscar Sneak Peak Suite with my client Menyone Deveaux."
Amy Malone
GIC Public Relations

"I wanted to let you know how incredibly fabulous I think LIP INK® is. For most of my adult life I have suffered from Herpes Simplex. I will get a sore in the same place on my lower lip brought on my extreme stress or overexposure to the sun. This would happen once a year or so, but with horrible consequences. My lower lip would balloon up and last that way for several days, even prescription medicine did not really help and the virus just had to run it's course. By accident, one time when I started to feel the tingle of a fever sore beginning I applied LIP INK® and miraculously IT STOPPED THE PROGRESSION OF THE OUTBREAK. It is the only time EVER that has happened. The next time I felt an outbreak was starting I called a distributor immediately to get my miracle medicine. I believe because of LIP INK® I have actually had fewer outbreaks in the past several years.
Well, here I am on a vacation in Virginia Beach and having been out in the sun for 3 days straight I noticed my lower lip starting to swell and I instantly thought ''I NEED LIP INK''. I'm sure most are impressed to learn many celebrities use your product. But I think what your product does for me trumps any amount of celebrity endorsement. I need to get back to the web site to see how I am going to get a supply of the life-saving stuff. (no, its not dramatic to say such a thing, and you would agree with me if you saw the pictures of my sister's wedding with ME as the Maid of Honor trying to smile with my FAT LIP and in my opinion ruining all the pictures. I didn't have LIP INK® back then). Please keep doing what you do and don't DARE change the recipe."
Linda Pernice

"I love all of your products!!" - Linda Edward
"Not only a practical lip color to prove one can groom dogs and look awesome at the same time, but they're vegan! Fantastic! " - Chris Bear Anthony
This is a GREAT Product, I've been using it for years!" - Dena Leon Davis
"Love this stuff" - Misty D Rice Elliott
"love this LIP INK® that truly stays on!" - Carol Lamb Girotto
"Some of my employees use this and say it's incredible!" - Mike De La Mater
"If you want lip color that absolutely won't come off until you take it off check out this product. I've used it for years. My husband loves it because he doesn't end up with lipstick on him. " - Debbie Nelson Williams
"This is the Best lip color in the world!! I Love it!!" - Myra Gundermann
"organic, kosher, natural and against animal testings" - Antoinette Crook
"Best lip product ever! All natural and organic!" - Hilary Trumbo Cress
"I have been using Lipink about 10+ years and would not use anything else on my lips. It stays on and always looks good " - Frances Langley Kin
"defff :) <3" - Evan Rachel
"merikws monimo makigiaz.. " - Ellia Chriss
"Best Kept Secret Seriously Ladies! " - Punkie Brewster
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