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The average woman consumes somewhere between 4 and 9 pounds on lipstick in her lifetime, depending on how often she wears it. This may not seem horrible, but consider some of the ingredients most lipstick contains; amyldimethylamino benzoic acid, ricinoleic acid, fragrance, ester gums and lanolin. Some of these chemicals are allergens and can be carcinogenic.

The good news is that LIP-INK® Cosmetics are good for you! Our safe, award-winning, organic, vegan, kosher, products are made of pure ingredients, such as natural herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These good-for-you ingredients will help make your lips, eyes, and skin glow with a natural beauty you can't find anywhere else. You will never end up eating your LIP-INK® Liquid Lip Color® , because it will never smear or rub off!

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