Flavored Lip Gloss

LIP-INK® flavored lip gloss have a variety of natural, organic lip gloss flavors, ranging from spearmint and candy cane mint to coffee vanilla and glacier honey. All are equally yummy, healthy, and unique. For gentlemen, there is also a selection of flavored lip moisturizers that are available, with all the same natural, organic, kosher benefits of LIP-INK® flavored lip gloss. Mix your favorite flavors with moisturizers, tints, or other lip glosses, using flavored lip gloss or flavor pallets to create your perfect product to moisturize, tint, and flavor your lips. Our LIP-INK® glycol and wax-free flavored lip gloss. Indulge yourself in a rush of flavor, moisture, and dramatic shine with organic, healthy, flavored lip gloss.

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