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Bridal Lip Color Kit Fall/Winter

Bridal Lip Color Kit Fall/Winter


3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof.

Why 3 Products?

Price: $190.50

Product Code: SKBC-1003

Bridal Kit

Description Ingredients

LIP INK® Bridal Lip Color Kit

Keep your look camera ready with Lip Ink lip stain liquid color Bridal Kits for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter including 12 amazing colors in all . Experience your perfect day with sustainable healthy 100% smearproof lip color. For a flawless look on that special day. These collections are ideal for everyone from bride-to-be to bridesmaid and can even be given as gifts to the bridal party guests.

LIP INK Lip Stain Technology & Application from LIP INK on Vimeo.

Lip Ink Magic Powder – full size 1 gram Including clear acrylic doe foot applicator This truly magical powder transforms any Lip Ink lip stain liquid lip color into highlights, adds a hint of shimmer and lightens your lips with a pearlized finish

Lip Liner brush Great for each lip liner application. Synthetic ( no animal fibers) lip liner brush that can be used any of the Lip Ink Lip Stain colors by simply dipping it into the lip color directly and lining With each use simply let the brush dry and it can be reused over and over again in any of the lip colors. There is no need to clean it before each use.

Lip Ink Lip Shine Gloss -full size .27 fl oz Adds moisture, shine and sunscreen with lip nourishing ingredients both under your Lip Ink lip stain color and over the color through your special bridal day and without stickiness!

Lip Ink lip stain colors .067 sample size colors (6) colors for each season

Provides vibrant 100% smearproof liquid lip stain color with remarkable wear ability combined with lip nourishing Vegan Kosher, natural, organic gluten free botanical ingredients. These 6 complementary lip stain colors can be layered to create more than 5,000 color combinations.

Lip Ink OFF solution full size- 4 fl oz
LIP-INK OFF Refill bottle-- removes all of the LIP-INK products. The formula's pH balance is safe and gentle even for use in the more sensitive eye areas. Helps during the exfoliation process to revive your lips and smooth out lips. The OFF refill bottle can be used to refill the OFF .27 fl oz vial (purchased separately).

Applying LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors (Without Magic Powder)
Step-By-Step Directions for Best Results

Begin by purifying the lips with OFF Solution. This cleanses your lips, creates a smooth surface for application, and helps with the exfoliation process.

Splash with water and pat dry.

If you usually line your lips, frame the lips with the LIP INK® Liner. Any of the LIP INK® Colors can become an instant lip liner with the use of a lip liner brush to be reused as needed.

Massage a small amount of Shine Moisturizer into the lips until thoroughly absorbed.

Take a tissue or dark cloth and wipe the color applicator tip to control the amount of color you want. This gives you the ability to control the shade of color desired.

You are now ready to begin the colorization process, to create over one million guaranteed smearproof colors, by layering to suit your natural healthy lifestyle. Use ASESIOD (A Smooth Even Stroke In One Direction). This insures that your color goes on even Up to three layers. FEEL THE TINGLE This is the herbs, mints and botanicals.

Finish with a layer of Lip Shine Moisturizer if desired.
Tips for Applying LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors (Without Magic Powder)
Not happy with your lip color or you want a lighter shade?

Be sure to blot the tip applicator with a tissue before applying your color. That puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to the shade of color you want. You control the botanical pigment of your application.

Also available are, Lip-Ink Lip liner, Brow Liner and Eye Liner with the same Guaranteed Smearproof & Waterproof qualities. Follow the application instructions and always remember to hydrate the lips before color application, by applying any one of our 100 wax free lip moisturizers first. Our botanical color blends are liquid, like water "they can spill". With each use, be sure to shake the vial against the palm of your hand until you hear the beads move freely to assure the pigments are blended. (Less is better with our color application, wipe off the excess liquid from the applicator tip and hold upright.)

FEEL THE TINGLE - it's there to let you know the product is working and usually lasts for just a moment. For added lip hydration and sun protection feel free to apply LIP INK® Lip Moisturizers over the top of your color application and throughout the day as needed. Our Guaranteed smearproof Lip color does not require the use of a sealer or lip gloss to be applied over it, at any time. LIP INK® Lip Color has zero texture. If you are experiencing any grittiness, this is your own lips exfoliating. We recommend that you take the color off and re-apply by following the application instructions. New customers should start with a kit when purchasing any of our guaranteed smearproof color. Our kits contain everything you need break the color barrier.

LIP INK® Classic Liquid Lip Colors are Guaranteed Smearproof & Long lasting, waterproof color, for your lips. LIP INK® Liquid Lip Color is made from over 40 herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural sun filters, and FDA approved pigments, all in a natural corn grain Ethanol preservative free base, virtually impossible to smear using a multi patented process of three water and oil insoluble candy pill coatings that have zero texture (with Proper Application Process).

LIP INK® Classic Liquid Lip Colors create the appearance of full lips because the color adheres to areas where lipstick cannot. This produces an enhanced lip line that doesn't bleed, feather, or rub off. May be layered (up to three layers in any color combination) creating over 1 million personalized colors. Go from sheer coverage to full coverage in just 3 layers.

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Removing LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors

To remove, simply apply LIP INK® Off solution and splash with water.

To make any corrections, simply dip a cotton tip applicator in the Off solution and make your correction. Splash lips with water and pat dry.

Upon first application of our classic LIP INK® color, to ensure proper color, you must first wipe the tip of the applicator. Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP INK®'s formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain.

Applying LIP INK® Brilliant Magic Powders
Step-By-Step Directions for Best Results

LIP INK® BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER mineral powders are ground to a extremity fine micro particle size, to be used synergistically with other LIP INK® color products utilizing our patented layering process by layering our powders in between layers of guaranteed smearproof color or LIP INK® Clear. LIP INK® BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER mineral powders are completely free of preservatives.

LIP INK® BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER Mineral powders for the Eyes:

Use your finger or a eye shadow brush to Gently press LIP INK® BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER loose mineral powders on to the eyelid, either in the center, at either corner of the eyelid or the entire eyelid, to create color with High-intensity shimmer and high pearl frost. Get Big, Beautiful Eyes or back light your eyes with soft natural LIP INK® BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER

For Subtle Highlights on Lips:

Gently press the BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER over the second layer of LIP INK® COLOR, then apply the third layer of color, and finish with a coat of SHINE.

For a Hint of Shimmer or to Lighten a Color:

Apply the BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER on top of the base coat of SHINE. Proceed with the normal LIP INK® COLOR application.

For an Intense Pearlized Finish:

Apply three layers of LIP INK® COLOR, and then gently press BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER on top.

A layer of LIP INK® CLEAR must be applied over the BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDERS , to "lock" them in place when used in this manner. A coat of SHINE may then be applied.

Apply to lips as needed. If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, discontinue use and keep out of heat.

NOTE: LIP INK® products may tingle, this reaction is normal. The sensation is due to the natural herbs and botanicals. Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP INK®'s formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain. The LIP INK® waxfree, guaranteed smearproof & long-lasting, multi-patented color product line is not compatible with any other cosmetic products. LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and are protected by U.S. and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate LIP INK® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry. New customers should start with a kit when purchasing any of our guaranteed smearproof color.

SAFE PRODUCT FOR USE: If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, immediately discontinue use. Keep out of heat. The codes that appear randomly on vials provide Internal QC information only.

LIP INK® International, or a division of LIP INK® International. Hand-crafted, made in U.S.A.
May be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Numbers:
5747017, 6001374, 6010709, 6027739, 6203809, 6395263, 6509009, AU 701794, AU 736718.

Este lujoso producto cuatro-en-uno se puede utilizar en sus labios, ojos, cejas y mejillas. Agregue un velo iridiscente de toques de luz y brillo a cualquier parte de su cara usando estos pigmentos m�gicos. F�cil de aplicar, divertido de usar, crea un look atractivamente marcado o un suave acabado elegante.

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