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Ombre Lip Color

How to Create Smearproof Orange Ombre Lips using LIP INK

Using the LIP INK® Orange Lip Color line your lips with three layers and fill to mid lip using two layers. Make the darkest area at the line of your lips, fading the color as you reach mid lip.
Using the LIP INK® Carnelian Cream Lip Color apply two layers mid lip (where the Orange transitions) and one layer near your inner lip.
Apply a generous amount of Cinnamon Brilliant Magic Powder on top of the Carnelian Cream Lip Color.
Apply another layer of Carnelian Cream on top of the Brilliant Magic Powder closest to the Orange to create that perfect gradient.

Dark = Orange
Medium = Carnelian Cream over Cinnamon Magic Powder
Light = Cinnamon over Carnelian Cream

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LIP INK® Ombre Lips
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Orange Ombre Lip Color Kit