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LIP INK product Ingredient list USA EU

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Like sipping a fine liqueur, the sensation felt by many first time users of LIP INK® Patented Waxfree Semipermanent Lip color is due to the fact that we use only the finest organic 190 proof rosemary flavored corn grain alcohol- direct from the heartland of America- as the base ingredient in our formulations.
Is naturally antiseptic.
Quick dries without being drying.
Keeps the herbal botanical formulations fresh and active.
Facilitates a natural exfoliation of the lips.
This allows LIP INK® patented waxfree Semipermanent color cosmetics to be free of wax, animal fat, cholesterol, glycols, parabens and preservatives.
Flavored 190 proof corn grain alcohol from the heartland of America
Sun Screens (UVA/UVB)
Botanicals (certified organic)
Minerals (13 trace minerals)
Vitamins (pharmaceutical grade)
Film Formers/ the same ones used in pill and candy coatings (all natural)
Color Pigments (FDA approved)
De-ionized water
No animal products or animal by products
No petroleum products
No lacquers
No waxes
No added preservatives
No Parabens
No Urea
No Lead
No peanuts or peanut by products

Organic regulations

EU and FDA regulate the color pigments and the sun screen ingredients, that can be used in Cosmetics. Because both of these areas are regulated, we can only use what is allowed. Our posters and literature advise our customers, that it is in these areas our products are not made from natural ingredients. However we meet all the qualifications to say our products are organic, because the color and the sun screen ingredients, make up less than 5% of our formula. See the regulations below:
100 percent organic: Only products that have been exclusively produced using organic methods and that contain only organic ingredients (excluding water and salt) are allowed to carry a "100 percent organic" label.
Organic: This signifies that at least 95 percent of the ingredients (by weight, excluding water and salt) in a processed product have been organically produced. The remaining contents must be natural or synthetic ingredients not available in an organic form that are recommended by the National Organic Standards Board and allowed on the National List.
Made with organic: Products with at least 70 percent organic ingredients may display "Made with organic [with up to three specific organic ingredients or food groups listed]" on the front panel. Products with less than 70 percent organic ingredients can list the organic items only in the ingredient panel. There can be no mention of organic on the main panel.

Consumers choosing organic products have the assurance that by doing so they are supporting farmers committed to maintaining the long-term health of our environment. Beet Juice, henna, carmine, turmeric Carmel, iron oxide and mica are the only natural color ingredients allowed at this time for cosmetic use and from that group, only Carmel, iron oxide, mica and carmine are the only ones that are approved for use on the lips. Carmine is made animals and our products are vegan so it is not used. The other natural color that is approved from this group of color, for the lip area, will not provide the colors needed to create acceptable lip color.

The Ingredients that make LIP INK® INTERNATIONAL Patented Wax Free Semi-Permanent Cosmetics so Superior

ARNICA - Refreshes skin.

ARROWROOT - Moisturizes and heals skin.

BARBERRY BARK - Antibacterial antiseptic. Soothes skin.

BAYBERRY BARK - Soothes skin. Great for cold sores.

BETA CAROTENE - Vitamin A from carrots. Satisfies oxygen free radicals before they do damage.

BLESSED THISTLE - Strong antibacterial properties.

BURDOCK - Good source of nutrients for building skin. Great source of natural iron.

CASTOR OIL - Soothing the skin.

CHAMOMILE - Known as a soothing tonic for the skin.

CHICKWEED - Emollient for soft, smooth skin.

CITRIC ACID - a naturally effective antioxidant. Activates collagen and elastin.

COMFREY - Increases cell growth which increases cell production and supports rapid healing, soothing and inflammation.

DANDELION - Great for blisters and dry skin.

ECHINACEAN - Healing support of collagen through hyaluronic acid protection.

ELECAMPANE ROOT - Soothes skin.

FENNEL - Good source of vitamin A.

FENNEL-RICH - Source of vitamin A. Good breath refresher.

GINGER - Anti-inflammatory.

GOLDEN SEAL - Effective treatment for cracks in the skin or irritated skin.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - Skin conditioning agent.

GREEN TEA ANTI-OXIDANT with CHLOROPHYL - Prevents damage from ultra violet light.

MARIGOLD FLOWER - Promotes mending and healing of skin. Soothes irritations.

MARSHMALLOW - Emollient anti-irritant. Natural source of vitamin A.

MINERAL BLEND - For healing (sodium, potassium, lithium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, copper, manganese, boron, iodine, chlorine, sulfates).

OAK BARK - Healing for skin irritations.

OAT EXTRACT - Soothing to skin.

PANTHENOL - Vitamin B complex. Acts like a moisture magnet.

PARSLEY - Good source of vitamin C.

PEPPERMINT - Great energizer. Brings oxygen to the skin. Refreshing.

PLANTAIN - Cooling to skin.

PRAIRIE DOCK ROOT - Mild antibacterial.

RED CLOVER - Has high content of several important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Moisturizing to skin.

RED RASPBERRY - Builds skin tissue.

ROSEMARY - Kills germs. Freshens breath.

SAGE - American Indians used this for healing sore skin.

SKULLCAP - Antibacterial.

SLIPPERY ELM - Soothing, softening ointment for chapped lips.


VALERIAN - One of the best herbal sources for calcium and magnesium.

CORN GRAIN ALCOHOL - Used as the base of LIP INK® liquid Lip Color. Pure and natural. Fresh from the Heartland of America.

ROSEMARY FLAVOR - Supporting all the synergistic blends of herbs and botanicals as a natural preservative.

The only HEALTHY alternative to Lip Stick!!!
CTFA and FDA provide a list of approved pigments- 'May contain' is followed by the approved pigment list, weather or not each of the pigments is used in each lip colors- This gives the manufacture trade secret rights and also allows them to list the ingredients only once even though each of their lip colors does not contain the full list of pigments. The pigment list is all of the approved pigments for the lips, eyes or face and one or more of the pigments may be used in any lip colors and because each lip color blend is different., the pigment list is a catch all to cover any pigment that may be used in the product but it may not and does not need to be present in all of them .
A patch test can be performed if anyone feels that they might have a reaction to an ingredient- simply paint a small area on the inside of the arm and wait 24 hours to see if there is any reaction. We do not use aluminum in our products. Minerals may contain it in trace amounts but FDA has done the appropriate testing to make sure it is at a safe level before we receive it as a pigment in pigment blending.