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100% Smear Proof Liquid Lip Liner

Express your individuality, match your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty with our 100 percent smear-proof liquid lip liner. LIP INK® Liquid Lip Liner allows you to achieve your own personalized lip color appearance by lining any of our 62 smear proof Liquid Lipsticks with one of our lip liners or by dipping a lip liner brush into your favorite LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick. LIP INK® Liquid Lip Liner was specially hand crafted with smear proof technology that allows maximum precision and easy application for lining your lips that is normally difficult if not impossible to achieve. LIP INK® Smear proof liquid Lip Liner & Lip Color can be purchased in a kit or individually providing the three required products for smear proof application and maximum durability.

Most cosmetics companies take shortcuts, but we’ve painstakingly hand crafted each of these lip liners and lip kits from the finest organic, natural, vegan and kosher ingredients and botanical blends that’s GMO-Free and Cruelty-Free. These lip liners are completely devoid of Wax and GMO substances like synthetic oils, petroleum and animal fats that affect your healthy and the health of the Environment. Your lips will look great and feel healthier thanks to the natural source of our botanical ingredients with our three product system.

Lip-Ink has the world’s only 100% Smear Proof Liquid Lip Liner that won’t fade throughout the day. Whether you’re eating, drinking or kissing, our LIP INK® Liquid Lip Kits will stay locked to your lips with a precision line achieved by our smear proof and waterproof technology that we brought back from the future for your healthy sustainable lifestyle. Stop worrying about unsightly smears, numerous touchups or reapplications, or dangerous chemicals in many of today’s products on the market—LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are a simple natural solution providing long lasting and smear proof Liquid Color technology. Order now and receive a free Liquid Lipstick on any order over $145 & free shipping on any order over $150. LIP INK® has been hand crafting their Products starting in 1995 by the inventor Rose Nichols by self-manufacturing the world’s only 100% Smear proof cosmetic color technology in the U.S.A with only the finest natural, organic vegan and kosher botanical blended ingredients.
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