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ojoba oil, white ginger, pikake, tuberose, gardenia, plumeria.
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ISUA Stone Mist Essential Oils Spray natural organic vegan kosher mens fragrance

LIP INK® ISUA Stone Mist - Essential Oils Spray

A UNISEX Blended Fragrance Essential Oil Spray. Stow away with a smoldering musk-like, cinnamon, Orange, minty illusive, spicy mélange of bliss

What Does LIP INK® ISUA Stone Mist - Essential Oils Spray Resemble?

Enter the mist of Sanctuary, captured in the warmth of amber in your personal sacred abode. Drift along the warm waters of the Nile and sense the gentle winds of the desert. Savor the magical spices of the east and the bark of the aromatic cinnamon trees in the distance. You have now arrived at the ISUA™ Stone- A brown healing stone, said to bring Ancient Knowledge, wisdom & Past Life Recall. Located in the ISUA Greenstone Belt which is an Archean Southwestern Greenland. The belt is aged between 3.7 and 3.8 billion years .

0.16 oz/5mL of Natural Essential Oils Spray. Made in USA.

Keep away from heat and eyes.