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Translucent Tint Hybrid Color Translucent Tint Hybrid Color Roll On

Natural Lip and Cheek Tint

This organic lip, cheek and eyeshadow tint will quickly become the most versatile cosmetic tool in your arsenal. Translucent Tint can be applied to your lips, cheeks and eyelids with equal ease. By using this tint as a blush cheek stain, lip tint or eye shadow, you can add a subtle hint of color or layer any of the 4 corresponding color tints to enhance your personalized complexion. Lip-Ink’s Translucent Tint is suited for every ethnicity and any skin tone.

Your cheeks will look perfectly flushed and give off a radiant glow when you apply our Lip, Cheek, and Eyeshadow Translucent Tint. Our Translucent Tint Hybrid Color Roll On features a sheer lip color that will accentuate the natural curvatures of your lips and has a sheer moisturizing effect. Satisfying every ethnicity and skin tone, our tints are available in Pinkish, Bronzee, Plumish and Orangie color shades that you can layer to create your own personal color tint.

Nourish your skin and reveal in the natural ingredients found in each hand crafted translucent tint formula. This cosmetic product is organic and hand crafted from a proprietary blend of olive oil and mineral pigments and botanical ingredients. Shop today and experience the freedom of the most versatile Translucent Lip, Cheek, and Eyeshadow Roll-on Color Tint.

Applying LIP INK® Translucent Tint Hybrid Color Roll On

Product can be applied on your cheeks, lips, or eyelids. To apply, first use the applicator ball to apply the tint to the area desired. Then use the Cosmetic Makeup Sponge to blend your color tint. You must apply onto clean dry skin or lips for maximum results. You can layer the Translucent Tint with any LIP INK® Liquid LipStick or LIP INK® Lip Moisturizer. Translucent Tint has a buildable intensity for easy blending and color layering to achieve your perfect look. You may reapply without removing throughout your day for additional color. Not compatible with other color cosmetics.

Removing LIP INK® Color Products

Saturate a make-up pad, a cotton ball or a warm, moist, dark colored washcloth with our LIP INK® OFF solution.Press to the desired area for a few seconds then gently wipe (never scrub) to remove the finish. Splash with water and pat, dry.

SAFE PRODUCT FOR USE: If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, immediately discontinue use. Keep out of heat. The codes that appear randomly on vials provide Internal QC information only. LIP INK® International, or a division of LIP INK® International. Hand-crafted, made in U.S.A. May be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Numbers: 5747017, 6001374, 6010709, 6027739, 6203809, 6395263, 6509009, AU 701794, AU 736718.

Price: $25.00