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Words of Wisdom from the Inventor

Words From The Lip Diva
Snippets of LIP INK® wisdom from the Inventor and CEO Rose Nichols
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Guaranteed smearproof & Long Lasting award winning ECO-friendly,
green chemistry, botanical color cosmetics, from patented technology.

Yes you should feel a tingle upon first application,
this lets you know that the product is working!

Our 3 product ECO system, consists of
Water, Oil and Botanical blended liquid smearproof color.
You need all three, to use our products properly. They are sold to
first time users, in complementary kits that allow you to choose your own colors.

Yes, our lip colors can spill, they contain over 40 herbs,
botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a liquid blend that,
once applied, has no texture or feeling. Yet so durable you can wear it 24-7, through a meal and drinks, even sleep with it on!

Yes you can lighten our lip color or
have a satin, high gloss or matt finish.

Not happy with your lip color or you want a lighter shade? Be sure to blot the tip applicator with a tissue before applying your color. That puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to the shade of color you want. You control the botanical pigment of your application. Not only can you make over 1 million colors using out LIP INK® patented 3 product ECO System technology. Now you can make another million colors with this technique.

Blot the tip of your applicator on a tissue or dark cloth to control the botanical pigment of your color application.

Yes our lip color can change on a plane,
but you can change it back.

Yes our products are 100% different than long lasting lip color.

Yes we hold the worlds record!
We can make over a million colors for your lips.

Yes we have no need to apply a sealer or lip gloss over
the top of our lip colors, to keep them from smearing!

Yes our lip colors are guaranteed smearproof, with no wax, parabens, lead, petroleum products, butters, cholesterols, animal products or glycols.

Yes we can cover a scar, tattoo, or bruise,
with our patented encapsulation process.

Yes we can create fuller lips by applying our lip color deep
into the wet area where other lip color can not be applied revealing
more of the natural lips, than any other lip color.

No more dry lips. We apply our lip moisturizer under and
before the, lip color is applied, giving you maximum hydration and
sun protection. You can re-apply our moisturizers through out the
day for added protection, without disturbing your smearproof color finish.

The botanicals in our lip color formulations, cause a natural exfoliation, to occur leaving you with softer, smoother, fuller, healthier, younger looking lips.

Yes we support sustainability. We have two recycling programs. One to support our customers and retailers and the other to support artists that paint with our products, we have a museum on our web site to show the ECO paintings.
Our products are Vegan, Kosher, Natural, Organic Herbs and Botanical Blends with Maximum Hydration and Sun Protection.

We support lifestyle over trends & fads

We choose Empowerment over Glamour

ASESIOD (A Smooth Even Stroke In One Direction).
This insures that your color goes on even.

We brought LIP INK® guaranteed smearproof herbal
liquid color cosmetics, back from the future, for an ECO friendly world!

Our award winning products have been granted 9 patents with
over 15 years of smiling womens faces supporting them

Our botanical color blends are liquid, like water "THEY CAN SPILL". With each use, be sure to shake the vial against the palm of your hand until you hear the beads move freely to assure the pigments are blended.

Our Guaranteed smearproof Lip color DOES NOT REQUIRE
the use of a sealer or lip gloss to be applied over it, at any time.
LIP INK® liquid lip color, has zero texture. If you are experiencing any
grittiness, this is your own lips exfoliating. We recommend that you take
the color off and re-apply, following the patented LIP INK® directions.

My color is not staying on and that's because you may have applied
too much all at once. Less is better when applying LIP INK® Liquid Lip Color.

Not Ink, Just the staying power of Ink!

Always remember to HYDRATE YOUR LIPS before color application, by applying any one of our 100 wax free lip moisturizers first, BEFORE YOUR APPLICATION OF LIP INK® Botanical sheer GUARANTEED smearproof liquid lip color.