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Television Press

Tessa Thompson from the hit show Westworld
Tessa Thompson from HBO’s latest popular show, Westworld, wears brick-colored reds and neutral reds. If you’re looking for the same look try three layers of Lava Red.

Dita Von Teese photo from her book 'Your Beauty Mark'
Dita Von Teese Says This Lipstick "Will Last Through Anything" In Dita Von Teese’s book, "Your Beauty Mark," she mentions her use of Lip Ink and her love of the product. She explains how to get her signature red lip, in a smear-proof vegan product.”

Elizabeth wearing Lip Ink Energy Red on her birthday!
2018 featured new products for LIP INK founded 1995 Vegan natural kosher Self Manufactured in the USA

Brett Murdock and Sharin Helgestad used LIP INK® Cosmetics on "Jack & Jill", "Ally McBeal", and "Melrose Place"! And they LOVE it!

Sofia Milos You may know me best from my current role on "CSI; Miami" as well as from "The Sopranos." She supports LOHAS Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability and loves our lip colors

Dame Edna of Ally McBeal fame loves LIP INK® Semi-Permanent Cosmetics!
Dame Edna of Ally McBeal fame loves LIP INK® Semi-Permanent Cosmetics!

Good Morning Arkansas
Good Morning America
Christine Ferrari

High Noon Productions is scheduled to film here at LIP INK® on December 10th for A new show airing in February on E! called Skin Deep "Everything That Last". The show will center around products that go the distance.
Ally McBeal-FOX
Jack & Jill-WB
Melrose Place
Mentors- Family Channel
(with product placement)
Seven Days-UPN
2001 Grammy Awards
VIP-starring Pamela Anderson
Star Trek Voyager Series
The Sopranos
Hooked On Phonics
The Golden Globe Awards
Sexy Urban Legends
Palmetto Point