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Steampunk Cosmic Fantasy Blue Lip Color Kit

Steampunk Cosmic Fantasy Blue Lip Color Kit

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3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof.

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Product Code: SPK-05

LIP INK Steampunk Cosmic Fantasy Blue Kit

LIP INK’s 100% smearproof Liquid Lip color in , Pleiadian Blue & Sirian Violet Steampunk Vegan lip stain. A periwinkle blue with a hint of violet, just waiting for you to dust it with violet brilliant magic powder. Taking it to the cosmic finish once you top it off with a final layer of your steam punk liquid lip stain in Pleiadian Blue, and Sirian Violet. Depending on how the colors are layered, with the powder and the moisturizer. You have the freedom of choosing your shade to be more blue or violet dominant the same way the periwinkle flower appears be sure to generously add the Lip Ink brilliant magic powder between layers of the two liquid lip colors. Top off your lip color with Lip Ink Blueberry Brilliant tinted Lip Moisturizer then use it as often as you like over your Steampunk Lip stain to renew and moisturize your lips

2 LIP INK® Steampunk 100% smearproof Liquid Lipstains (.25 fl.oz. )
Made of over 40 natural botanicals, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The amazing colors of liquid lip.

stain are virtually impossible to smear. Pleiadian Blue & Sirian Violet .

1 LIP INK® Violet Brilliant Magic Powder (1 gram)
they magically bond to the finish, creating an iridescent veil of highlights.
1 LIP INK® Blueberry Brilliant Lip Shine Moisturizer (.25 fl. oz.)
Acts a base conditioner when applied under Lip-Ink Lip Color. A light layer of creates a moist silky feeling. A generous application transforms matte finish into a high gloss
1 LIP INK® Foaming Off Conditioning Remover Bottle (2 fl. oz.)

LIP INK®'s 100% smearproof Steampunk liquid lip stain kit is designed specifically to be used in an easy to apply three product system. This kit includes all three products you need to achieve guaranteed smear-proof results.

LIP INK® International Semi-Permanent award winning botanical liquid Lip Color is tingly fresh with maximum hydration and sun protections, brought back from the future for your healthy lifestyle.

Applying LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors
Step-By-Step Directions for Best Results

Begin by purifying the lips with OFF Solution. This cleanses your lips, creates a smooth surface for application, and helps with the exfoliation process.

Splash with water and pat dry.

If you usually line your lips, frame the lips with the LIP INK® Liner. Any of the LIP INK® Colors can become an instant lip liner with the use of a lip liner brush to be reused as needed.

Massage a small amount of massage a small amount of blueberry moisturizer onto the lips until thoroughly absorbed.

Take a tissue or dark cloth and wipe the color applicator tip to control the amount of color you want. This gives you the ability to control the shade of color desired.

You are now ready to begin the colorization process, to create over one million guaranteed smearproof colors, by layering to suit your natural healthy lifestyle. Use ASESIOD (A Smooth Even Stroke In One Direction). This insures that your color goes on even Up to three layers. FEEL THE TINGLE This is the herbs, mints and botanicals.

Gently press the BRILLIANT MAGIC POWDER in Almond over the second layer of LIP INK® Steampunk Brownstone liquid lip COLOR, then apply the third layer of Brownstone, and finish with a coat of Blueberry Lip Moisturizer.

Removing LIP INK® Lip Colors

Saturate a make-up pad, a cotton ball or a warm, moist, dark colored washcloth with the LIP INK® Off solution.

Press to the lip area for a few seconds then gently wipe (never scrub) to remove the finish. Splash with water and pat, dry.

Apply as needed. If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, discontinue use and keep out of heat.

NOTE: The LIP INK® waxfree, guaranteed smearproof & long-lasting, multi-patented color product line is not compatible with any other cosmetic products. LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and are protected by U.S. and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate LIP INK® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry. New customers should start with a kit when purchasing any of our guaranteed smearproof color.

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