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Natural Smearproof Face Color & Makeup

A beautiful, healthy face is more than just facials at the spa and creams after a morning shower. Our smearproof, natural face makeup is full of vegan, kosher and natural organic ingredients that let your face radiate your essence while keeping your skin healthy. Our selection of smearproof face colors range from foundation to brow and lash tints,. The skin of the face is unlike any other part of the body, with complex lines and sensitive skin that require a gentle, natural approach. To that end, our face makeup and color products are designed specifically for the delicate and sensitive areas of the eyes and face. Use our face color to accentuate, highlight, and distinguish the beautiful features that make you unique and empowered.

We offer the world’s only 100 percent smearproof, semi-permanent makeup hand crafted from the finest natural ingredients available. LIP INK Color Cosmetics are cruelty-free, wax free and GMO free. Give your face the love and attention it deserves with our face makeup and save with free shipping on your order of $150 or more.
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