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LIP INK® Rose's Picks for the Golden Globes 2024

LIP INK® Rose's Picks Rose's Pick #1 for the Golden Globes 2024:
LIP INK® Rose's PicksRose's Pick #2 for the Golden Globes 2024:
LIP INK® Cherrywood
LIP INK® Rose's PicksRose's Pick #3 for the Golden Globes 2024:
LIP INK® Pink Heather

Rose's Picks From Her Favorite People Wearing Lip Ink®

loving LIP INK color LIP INK is my favorite! I've been a fan of Lip Ink for years.
fashpiration Lip ink reviewEnergy Red LIP INK Liquid Lipstick pictured on "Fashpiration" - Instagram
Ruba loves LIP INK Ruba – Enjoys Lip Ink and she loves that she can dress it up or dress it down

LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick Pictured in Caramel

Amanda Asabic wears LIP INK Caramel LIP INK® 100% Smearproof Liquid Lipstick pictured in Caramel by Amanda Asabic
Amanda Asabic wears caramel LIP INKLIP INK® 100% Smearproof Liquid Lipstick pictured in Caramel by Amanda Asabic
Amanda Asabic Caramel Lips LIP INKLIP INK® 100% Smearproof Liquid Lipstick pictured in Caramel by Amanda Asabic

Rose's Favorite Blends

Rose's Favorite Colors
My all-time favorite 100% Smear proof liquid Lip Ink® liquid lip color is Lo Cognac, but I really think you should line it with 100% Smear proof liquid Lip Ink® Blond brow liner. This works for every skin tone. Buy here!
Rose's Artistic LIP INK® Steampunk Winter Look
Rose layered our LIP INK Liquid Lipstick in PLUM and TF Plum Red to achieve this awesome artistic steampunk winter look! Buy Here!

- Pictured on Rose Nichols

Black Dahlia is the newest winter find for lip color for my winter 2016 forecast
Stay right on trend with our contour blends by layering the following LIP INK® products: LIP INK® 100% smear proof liquid lip color(s) in: Unisex LIP INK® liquid lip color two layers + Plum Red LIP INK® liquid lip color one or possibly two layers
Top it off with LIP INK® Moist Orchid Lip Moisturizer

Sometimes they call me the Cosmetic Chef!

I like blending and putting together combinations of natural colors, powders, scents botanicals, oils & flavors like a chef. I definitely spend more time in my kosher lab than in my kitchen at home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating our steampunk lip color line of products. It truly appeals to the free spirit in all of us. Mixing our brilliant magic powders with our Lip Ink® liquid lip stain colors along with our tinted lip moisturizers has always been something that I wanted people to experience. The Steampunk lip color line of products is playful and it gives you a truly unique unisex approach to all your lip color fantasies. We will definitely be expanding this line from our current Brownstone Anodized, Victoria Pink Petticoat and Cast Iron colors along with our Neon colors to include more colors like Cosmic Fantasy Blue, Tank Girl Green, Caution Yellow, Industrial Age Gray, Carbon Dated Rust and of course the long awaited Steampunk Red. If you want to travel through Time be sure to test drive our Time Line Traveler Fragrance Balm and of course we will always be coming out with new flavors for our lip moisturizers, we might even bring back my favorite flavor line called “The Art of Flavoring Your Lips” giving you the opportunity to create your own personalized lip moisturizer flavors. Be sure to visit and enjoy the freedom! Be sure to send your comments to [email protected] I always like to hear from our loyal fans.

Refresh your lips for the summer with our NEW Multitasking Matte Moisturizing Lip Stains Featured Colors (Starting from the front)
Matte Berry
Matte Red
Matte Natural
Buy Here! - Pictured on Models
Wildest copper is all the rage for our upcoming Fall/ Winter season 2015

Turn heads with our contour blends by layering the following Lip Ink® products: Suggested layering colors Lip Ink® 100% smear proof liquid lip color in: Spice + Amber magic powder followed by a final coat of Lip Ink® 100% smear proof liquid lip color in Rust, top it off with Lip Ink® Matte moisturizer
Buy Here!
Rose's Color Blends Recipe for the Holidays

Extravagance for your favorite holiday occasion, with a vanilla cream mint taste, matched with the ultimate berry color, can be created by:

1. Apply LIP INK® Pink Brilliant Tinted Shine Lip Plumper
2. The next two colors are layered one over the other in this combination:
LIP INK® Carnelian Cream- one layer
LIP INK® Wineberry - one layer
LIP INK® Wineberry - finish with this last layer
3. Top it off with a final splash of LIP INK® Pink Brilliant Tinted Shine Lip Plumper
Buy Here!

Picking a lip color can be hard!

Not With Lip Ink® liquid lip color. Any color you want or can imagine is easily achieved with our 100% smearproof liquid Lip Ink® color technology. We use the color wheel and layer colors just like an artist does. You can make over 2 million colors using our liquid lip color technology. Lip Ink liquid lip color can accommodate any ethnicity & skin type, using techniques like blotting, layering and with the use of our brilliant magic powers in between layers of color. View our 10 color groups
We love what we do! Making 100% smearproof cosmetic color that’s Vegan, Kosher Organic and Natural. In 20 years we have never stopped making any of our lip colors.
Buy Here!

Quick easy solution for smear proof & waterproof eye liner for the Summer months ahead. These three LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick colors listed below, work great and double for eye liner. You can use the lip color doe foot applicator directly from the lip color or a lip liner brush, depending how precise you want your line. And the best part is you will have the world’s only 100% smear proof eye liner for FREE. My favorite picks are LIP INK® Spice, Carmel, and Sagewood, but any of our LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick colors work well for instant free eye liner around the outside of the eye, not on the inside.

“LIP INK® Holiday Chestnut Glow” by Rose Nichols
It has been my experience that a warm chestnut lip color fills the void for the cold winter months. We each have our own idea of what that perfect lip color looks like and we all need a range of warm browns with golden highlights to start. This is my perfect recipe for hitting it right on the mark.

You can mix and match and layer these three LIP INK® lip products to achieve your desired lip color. Start with LIP INK® Chestnut lip moisturizer, add a layer of LIP INK® Smear proof Liquid lip color in Spice, sprinkle some Gold LIP INK® magic powder on the Spice liquid lip color and lock it in, and make it smear proof with another layer of LIP INK® Smear proof Liquid lip color in Spice. You can ice it up with another layer of LIP INK® Chestnut lip moisturizer and you are good to go for the entire evening.

What I like about the lip stain is that it lasts all day. It is 100% smear and waterproof. I know a lot of lip products claim to be 100% transfer proof but this lip stain is no joke. --Featured wearing Coral "German Blondy"


Our Reasons Why We Self-Manufacture in the USA:

  • Quality control over manufacturing process
  • Formulations are kept trade secret
  • No Back Orders
  • No Substitutions of Ingredients
  • Hands on control of every batch with formulating, compounding, filling, and quality
  • R&D to processing a new product direct to consumer is faster and accurate to the specifications of the chemist
  • In summary we just enjoy doing it
  • We can keep a kosher and vegan factory environment
There was a study done that found that almost half of all inventors who self-manufactured turned out to be successful. Why? Because when you have invested your time and money, you want to succeed. This drive to succeed can help you and give you the motivation to be successful.

"The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to STOP me." --Ayn Rand

Why We DON'T Outsource Manufacturing:

  • Long lead times for manufacturing
  • Volume dictates cost
  • No Control Over Lead Times
  • No hands on ability to have a personal connection with the products we develop
  • Additional costs for duplicating storage of chemicals and packaging
  • More spillage and waste
  • No Control over formulating, compounding, and filling

Red heads look great in bright Lip Ink® lip colors. Tiah is wearing our Guaranteed Smear-proof LIP INK® Liquid lip color in Coral. Great for summer!

LIP INK® Brilliant Magic Powders are one of our main stay LIP INK® layering products for the lips. LIP INK® Magic Powders magically bond to the finish, creating an iridescent veil of highlights. Did you know that LIP INK® Magic Powders also appear in the following LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors - giving you Guaranteed Smear-proof Liquid Lip Color with a natural iridescent veil of highlights as well? Be sure to test drive these colors because they are at the top of Roses picks.Links:
(Henna Red)  (Aurora Borealis)  (Cosmo Red)
(Carnelian Cream)  (Glitter Pink)  (Glitter Ruby)
(Glitter Red)  (Glitter Pink Lemonade)

(IMAGE: hellorubyyrose) "When I wear LIP INK® Energy Red, I feel like I can take on anything!" --hellorubyyrose

(IMAGE: Rose Nichols Web) Rose Nichols LIP INK® Founder birthday pick for October
Pictured- LIP INK® liquid lip color in Henna Red layered over LIP INK® Sienna Tinted Lip Stain Matte Moisturizer
While seasons come and go, LIP INK® lip colors remain the worlds only 100% smear proof staple lip product for every woman. With over 72 liquid lip colors to pick and choose from, one can easily create over 2 million lip colors utilizing our LIP INK® layering technology.

(IMAGE: Rose Picks Military) Reds are back in fashion! LIP INK 100% guaranteed smear proof liquid lip color is perfect for Military looks for women in Winter/Spring:
Energy Red (SC-27) Red (SC-1)

Healthy lips start with exfoliation,then hydration with a lip moisturizer. We all have toothpaste sitting around in our bathrooms. A great way to exfoliate your lips is to put some toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush your lips, then splash with water. You only need to do this when your lips feel dry, once a month or so. This process gets the surface of your lips smooth. Always follow up with lip moisturizer. I like to think that our LIP INK® lip shine moisturizer is the best way to finish your lips when following this procedure. --Rose Nichols

Lip Ink-When Temperatures are Skyrocketing! How to Wear Lip Color When it's 90 Degrees
When it’s 90 DEGREES, temperatures are skyrocketing! Luckily you still have your LIP INK® and your favorite LIP INK® lip moisturizers in all your favorite minty fresh flavors. Just one less thing to worry about as you are traveling and enjoying summer.

As we move into summer 2020. Rose Nichols' favorite lip color picks are, LIP INK® vegan, smear proof Lo Cognac with Matte Natural under and over it. Guaranteed to keep your lips hydrated with maximum sun protection

Keep your lips hydrated and healthy as the summer heats up with Rose’s favorite pick “ LIP INK® LIP MAX 3D volumizer.”

(IMAGE: Hollywood Star Color) In 2022 LIP INK® comes out with a HOLLYWOOD STAR color! The most vivid red to date, 28 years in the making. If you enjoy red, you will be amazed how this new color lives up to its name.
(continue scrolling for more RODEO DRIVE RED #90210 images and product choices)

(IMAGE: New Color Alert Rodeo Dr Red 90210) NEW COLOR ALERT! LIP INK® 100% Guaranteed Smear Proof Vegan liquid lip Color in our NEWEST COLOR RODEO DRIVE RED #90210 - As seen on model.....
(continue scrolling for more RODEO DRIVE RED #90210 images and product choices)

(continue scrolling for more RODEO DRIVE RED #90210 images and product choices)

(IMAGE: New Color Alert Rodeo Dr Red 90210) LIP INK® 100% Guaranteed Smear Proof Vegan liquid lip Color in our NEWEST COLOR RODEO DRIVE RED #90210
(continue scrolling for more RODEO DRIVE RED #90210 images and product choices)

LIP INK® ®Wiki

LIP INK® International is an American cosmetic technology company headquartered in El Segundo, California that creates, manufactures, and sells wax-free smearproof color cosmetics. Having reinvented cosmetics with the first wax-free alternative to traditional lipstick, LIP INK holds multiple international patents for its 100% smearproof color technology.


The company was founded on January 1, 1995, by Inventor, Mother, and "Lip Diva" Rose Nichols in 1995. Lip Ink® International’s revolutionary concept began with Rose’s senior thesis project in Merchandise Marketing at FIDM-LA. (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) It has since grown into a multi-million dollar international enterprise. Rose set out to invent an extraordinary Wax Free, Semi-Permanent Liquid Lip Color because she was tired of her old fashioned lip color coming off on her teeth, clothes, coffee cups, and food. Rose wanted lip color ink that would stay on until she was ready to take it off. She wanted the staying power of ink, without being ink.


CEO, Mother, Inventor, and Lip Diva, Rose Nichols created the first batch of Liquid Lip Color in her own kitchen. She continues to handcraft each color in small batches using only the finest ingredients money can buy; exquisite natural herbs and botanicals that encourage the exfoliation of dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother lips. Rose was born in California, a born inventor, single mother of one daughter, twice married, spiritual seeker, Bohemian artist, vegetarian, industry innovator, inspirational speaker, successful President who combines her artistic vision, tenacious spirit, and business savvy into her semi-Permanent cosmetic company Lip Ink International. Rose shines in her demonstrable splendor of magic, beauty, and wonder in providing and endless choice of colors. Not only did she create what just might be the most original color line on the planet to date, but she also inspires woman to be unique and creative in their own personal beauty. Rose wants all women to experience being an original, one-of-a-kind goddess with her own unique color on her lips.


Unlike most lipsticks that are waxy and coats lips, Rose’s Lip Ink is sheer, and has a quick-setting formula has the consistency of water but has the feel of bare lips. Meaning, you will forget you have it on until you look in the mirror. The Lip ink Color applies smoothly and easily, offering time-saving, confidence–building solution for active women. Lip Ink uses healthy ingredients, and is backed by multiple patents and industry awards. Lip-Ink cosmetics include Liquid Lip Color, Miracle Brow, Eye Liner, Lip Liners, Tinted Shine, Off (remover), Magic Powders and many other accessories. Lip ink Color is the world’s only wax free, waterproof, smear-proof, ultra-durable, natural Liquid Lip Color. It feels both tingly fresh and moisturizing, while keeping the color where it belongs; on your lips. Rose’s technology is so advanced, it actually requires a patented, yet healthy for your lips, “Off” solution to remove it. Lip Ink products fits into a 3 part eco system: oil, water, botanical color, and are not compatible with other cosmetics because of this. Products are sold in complete kits to make it convenient and easy for our customers to have a great Lip Ink experience. Lip Ink Liquid Lip Color comes in over 50 shades that when layered, make over 2 million individualized colors that you can wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You just put it on your lips before you go out and forget about your lips for the rest of the night.

Smearproof Liquid & Gel Cosmetics

Lip Ink®'s products include:
Smearproof Liquid Lipstick
Smearproof Eye Shadow Gels
Smearproof Lip Stain Gel Colors
Smearproof Liquid Lip Liners
Smearproof Miracle Brow® Liner
Smearproof Miracle Brow® Tint
Smearproof Eye Liners Original,
Smearproof Lash Tint
Smearproof Face Blush and Bronzing Gels
Miracle Brow® Stain

Wax Free Lip & Other Moisturizers

Hyper Lip Shine Moisturizer
Matte Lip Moisturizer
Classic Lip Balm
Flavored Lip Shine Moisturizers
Lip Moisturizer Brilliant Tinted Lip Plumper
Tinted Lip Shine Moisturizer
Tinted Lip Balm
Lip Max Lip Plumper Volumizer
Brow and Lash Conditioner
Magic Powder Eye Restore Cream,
Brilliant Magic Powders
Spa Treatment Lip Care System
Matte Moisturizing Lip Stain Translucent Tint Hybrid Color Roll On

Off Remover Exfoliant & Cleanser

Herbal Cleanser Off Solution
Foaming Herbal Cleanser Off Solution
Off Solution Towelette

Dermaliquid Personal Care Products

Fragrances L.I.F.E. Collection Body Washes, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner
Treatment products for hair Protein Collagen Hair Treatment, Trail Mix Scalp Treatment
Herbal Deodorant, Foot Spa, Air Refresher

Visit our Website
Lip Ink®'s website is useful with videos showing the 3-product application process. View the Sample Kit Colors, Step by Step instructions for applying and removing color, Special offers and discounts, view over 1 million colors to find the perfect one, and read comments from customers.

Flagship Stores of LIP INK® International

Educational web site dedicated to explaining Lip Ink International Lip Stain Liquid Lip Color Technology.Consisting of 3 Products. 2 Minutes, 100% Smearproof Lip Stain

Gentlemens Fragrance

Click here to view Natural, portable fragrances you can take any ware. Essential Oil fragrances for men sold in the form of a Fragrance Balm Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Wax Free, Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, Organic , Hand Crafted in the U.S.A

Gentlemen Cosmetics

Click here to view Gentlemen Cosmetics, Urban Cosmetic Color for your healthy sustainable lifestyle. Color Cosmetics for Men, that are 100% Smearproof and waterproof. Cosmetic line includes Lip Stain, Eye Liner, Brow Beard and Mustash color, lip care products, fragrance, body care, hair care products, that are Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Wax Free, Gluten Free and Organic.

Dermaliquid Personal Care

Dermaliquid Natural skin care for your healthy sustainable lifestyle. Personal care products for men, women, children and pets that are Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Wax Free, Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, & Organic.

Steampunk Lip Color

Click here to view Steampunk Lip Color Cosmetics, created for your individual artisan lifestyle. Women and Men can be as playful and creative as they like with this bohemian, festival, time traveler, gypsy cosmetic color line. All products are healthy sustainable. Color Lip Stain is 100% Smearproof and waterproof . Cosmetic line includes, Lip Stain, lip care products, fragrance, that are Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Wax Free, Gluten Free and Organic.


Diet Jewelry, delivered in the form of a diet necklace, has been designed to empower our truest holistic essence, through the practice and techniques of Metaphysics, Eastern Medicine, ancient historical practices and all that we know about the human body. Healthy natural weight loss is attainable with our thoughts, deeds and practices. You are actually creating your own personalized healthy diet program. Our diet plan leads you through a healthy diet with you designing your own diet program and weight management, using simple techniques that take you beyond diet and trend diet even one day diets or one week diets to become the new you through intention, visualization and Abracadabra: As I speak I create.

Amazing Lips

Click here to view Lip Ink® International Lip Stain Liquid Lip Color Technology.Consisting of 3 Products. 2 Minutes, 100% Smearproof Liquid Lip kits bringing empowerment to support your healthy sustainable lifestyle suiting every ethnicity and orientation. Bringing exceptional color for exceptional people.

Camping Cosmetics

Click here to view Support 24/7 Liquid Lipstick for your healthy sustainable lifestyle using natural, organic, vegan and kosher botanical ingredients all included into a hand crafted three product 100% smearproof liquid lip kit.

LIP INK® Members Only

>Click here to view Members Only is an innovative approach to displaying testers across the nation allowing our already loyal clients, and new customers to test drive and pick their preferred colors, and test out new blends of color layers.


LIP INK® has fundamental beliefs, ethics, and intentions which are to make decisions and products that are safe, natural, healthy, recyclable, organic, kosher and renewable resource solutions that support our lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS: Lifestyles of Health and sustainability) 24/7 for an eco-friendly world. Lip Ink® self manufactures organic, vegan, kosher, 100% smear-proof and semi-permanent cosmetics.


Patents: LIP INK International is covered by one or more of the following U.S. and foreign patents: 5747017, 6001374, 6010709, 6027739, 6203809, 6395263, 6509009, AU701794, AU736718.