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LIP INK LipGel & Lipstick Sampler Kit

LipGel Lipstick Lip Kit

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3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof.

Why 3 Products?

Price: $97.50

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LIP INK 100% Smearproof Sampler Lip Kit

Create Over 1 Million Colors with Lip Ink Lip Color

- Made in USA with natural, vegan, organic, & kosher botanical ingredients
- Waxless formula free of artificial preservatives
- 100% smearproof, waterproof and ultra-durable
- Can be layered with other LIP INK® colors and products giving you dozens of new colors and shades to try

  1. WATER - Cleanse (LIP INK Herbal OFF Cleansers)
  2. OIL - Maximum hydration and sun protection (LIP INK Shine Moisturizer)
  3. CORN GRAIN ALCOHOL - 100% smearproof & long lasting waterproof color for lips, eyes, brows, face(LIP INK Cosmetic Colors

Each LIP INK® Smearproof Lip Sampler Kit Includes:

You Get 2 Lip Ink Lip Colors
1 LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick CHOOSE FROM ABOVE (.25 fl.oz. each)
Made of over 40 natural botanicals, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The amazing colors of liquid lip stain ® are virtually impossible to smear.
You Get 2 Lip Ink Lip Colors
1 LIP INK® LipGel Lipstick CHOOSE FROM ABOVE (.25 fl.oz. each)
Made of over 40 natural botanicals, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The amazing colors of liquid lip stain ® are virtually impossible to smear.
You Get 1 Lip Ink Shine Vial
1 LIP INK® Lip Shine Moisturizer (.25 fl.oz.)
Acts a base conditioner when applied under LIP INK® Lip Color. A light layer of Shine Moisturizer
creates a moist silky feeling. A generous application transforms matte finish into a high gloss.
You Get 1 Lip Ink Off Vial
1 LIP INK® Off Vial (.27 fl.oz.)
Removes all of the LIP INK® products. The formulas pH balance is safe and gentle even for use in the more sensitive eye areas.
You Get 1 Lip Ink Off Bottle
1 LIP INK® Off Bottle (4 fl.oz.)
The OFF refill bottle can be used to refill the OFF .27 fl oz vial
You Get 1 Lip Liner Brush
See step 3 Below. *Do not clean, Let dry and re use as needed*
You Get 1 Lip Ink Color Chart
1 color chart and illustrated instructions.
View all of LIP INK® Colors and our helpful easy-to-read instructions for removing and applying Lip-Ink Liquid Lip Colors.
Applying LIP INK®Liquid Lip Colors
Step-By-Step Directions for Best Results

LIP INK 100% Smearproof Liquid Lip Kit Application

Always begin by purifying the lips with the OFF solution. Using a soft cloth or a cotton pad and gently, dab lips (never scrub). This will remove any remaining lip products or residue from your lips, as foreign matter will interfere with the performance of LIP-INK Cosmetics.

Splash with water and pat dry.

If liner is desired, using the brush provided, frame with LIP-INK Color now. If you do not use liner, please continue to the next step.

Massage a small amount of Shine Moisturizer onto the lips until thoroughly absorbed.

To blend pigment, shake vial of color against palm until beads move freely. *Note: This is not required on the LipGel.

Carefully remove the applicator wand and wipe the excess back into the vial. Remember to keep the vial in an upright position. This is a liquid. Open with care! Wipe all excess from applicator wand.

To relaxed lips, using the widest portion of the applicator, apply the desired color with a gentle even pressure. Move in one direction only. Do not blot. Applying LIP-INK COLOR to the inner portion of the lower lip can create the illusion of fullness. LIP-INK COLOR will adhere to areas where ordinary lipsticks will not. LIP-INK COLOR is more effective when applied in thin layers as opposed to thicker layers. The slower the application the more color is absorbed.

Allow color to dry (10-20 sec.) with lips in a slightly parted
relaxed position.

Next, remove the applicator wand from the LipGel, wipe the excess back into the vial. (Note: On Very first application, completely wipe the applicator with a napkin or cosmetic pad and reinsert back into the vial). Then, in a smooth even stroke apply the LipGel. The LipGel is recommended to be applied on top of the Liquid Lipstick.

Finish with a final coat of Shine Moisturizer. A small amount will leave a slight sheen, if blotted a matte finish will be the result. A high gloss can be achieved by a liberal application. This can be reapplied throughout the day.

The codes that appear randomly on color and shine vials provide Internal QC information only.

Upon first application of our classic Lip-Ink color, to ensure proper color, you must first wipe the tip of the applicator. Please note that LIP-INK products may tingle, this reaction is normal. The sensation is due to the natural herbs and botanicals. Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP-INK's formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain.

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