Wax-Free & Cruelty-Free Organic Lip Moisturizers

LIP INK wax-free and cruelty-free handcrafted organic lip moisturizers provide maximum hydration and sun protection for your healthy lifestyle. Dehydrated lips cause tenderness, causing an imperfect lip color application. LIP INK lip moisturizers reveal maximum hydration, putting an end to unhealthy dry lips with our handcrafted, wax-free, organic botanical formula. We offer the best wax-free lip moisturizer for your healthy sustainable lifestyle. Each of our cosmetic solutions is fully organic and comprised of over 40 herbs and botanicals.

Don’t settle for disgusting, tasteless wax- and GMO-filled lip products. When you browse our inventory, you’ll find a variety of lip moisturizers that includes lip plumper and balms as well as tinted and classic moisturizers that allow you to personalize your healthy hydrated lips. Rejuvenating your lips can be as easy as one-two-three with our Three Product Lip Kit system. Whether you prefer a flavored, tinted, or plumping lip moisturizer, you can achieve the results you desire.

Lip-Ink is your destination for restoring and rejuvenating chapped, weathered, unhealthy lips. LIP INK lip moisturizers reveal instant results empowering your self-confidence and healthy lifestyle. These products qualify for free shipping with orders over $150!
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Shine Vial Shine Vial
Price: $28.00