Energy Red Holiday Smearproof Lip Kit

LIP INK Holiday Lip Kit

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LIP INK® Energy Red Holiday Smearproof Lip Kit

- Made in USA with natural, vegan, organic, & kosher botanical ingredients
- Waxless formula free of artificial preservatives
- 100% smearproof, waterproof and ultra-durable
- Can be layered with other LIP INK® colors and products giving you dozens of new colors and shades to try
- The same internationally patented formula used in LIP INK®'s Brow and Eye Cosmetics

LIP INK® Energy Red Holiday Smearproof Lip Kit - with our 100% smearproof liquid lip kit technology. Our LIQUID LIP LINERS can be used SYNERGISTICALLY with any of our LIP INK® COLORS to contrast and define your lip line. LIP INK® LIQUID LIP LINERS can also be used by themselves - for a natural look or mix and match with the provided Tinted Shine Moisturizer with Candy Peppermint Flavor (Lip Gloss) for an alluring look.

LIP INK International self-manufactures in the U.S.A the world's only guaranteed smear-proof semi-permanent color cosmetics. Every product is made in a cruelty free environment with natural, organic, vegan, kosher, and botanical ingredients. LIP INK®'s patented wax-free lip color kit allows you to apply lip gloss shine moisturizer before your smearproof liquid lipstick giving you a tingly fresh, maximum hydration, sun protected, guaranteed smear-proof lip color. LIP INK's semi-permanent smear proof liquid lipsticks make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Lip Ink Lip Stain is the first lip color you can actually wear without worrying about reapplication also with smear proof results. With Lip Ink's guaranteed smear proof technology, Lip Ink liquid lipstick will stay through meals, drinks, and tender kisses. Complete your ceremonial lip color application with a final application of vibrant color hydration. LIP INK® Tinted Lip Moisturizer will protect, moisturize, hydrate and act as a base conditioner adding a beautiful sheen of color.

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Holiday Kit Includes:
You Get 2 Lip Ink Lip Colors 1 LIP INK® Liquid Lipstick in Energy Red (.25 fl.oz. each)
Made of over 40 natural botanicals, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The amazing colors of liquid lip stain ® are virtually impossible to smear.

1 LIP INK® Liquid Lip Liner in Energy Red
(.25 fl. oz.)
You Get 1 Lip Ink Shine Vial 1 LIP INK® Tinted Shine Moisturizer with Peppermint Candy Flavor (.25 fl.oz.)
Acts a base conditioner when applied under LIP INK® Lip Color. A light layer of Shine Moisturizer
creates a moist silky feeling. A generous application transforms matte finish into a high gloss.
You Get 1 Lip Ink Off Vial 1 LIP INK® Off Vial (.27 fl.oz.)
Removes all of the LIP INK® products. The formulas pH balance is safe and gentle even for use in the more sensitive eye areas.
You Get 1 Lip Ink Off Bottle 1 LIP INK® Off Bottle (4 fl.oz.)
The OFF refill bottle can be used to refill the OFF .27 fl oz vial
You Get 1 Lip Ink Color Chart 1 color chart and illustrated instructions.
View all of LIP INK® Colors and our helpful easy-to-read instructions for removing and applying Lip-Ink Liquid Lip Colors.

3 Products. 2 Minutes. 100% Smearproof.

  1. WATER - Cleanse (LIP INK Herbal OFF Cleansers)
  2. OIL - Maximum hydration and sun protection (LIP INK Shine Moisturizer)
  3. CORN GRAIN ALCOHOL - 100% smearproof & long lasting waterproof color for lips, eyes, brows, face (LIP INK Cosmetic Colors)

Applying LIP INK® Holiday Lip Kit
Step-By-Step Directions for Best Results

Always begin by purifying the lips with OFF solution. This not only cleanses but helps with the exfoliation process.

Splash with Water and pat dry.

Frame the lips with LIP INK® Liner.

Massage a small amount of Tinted Shine Moisturizer into the lips until thoroughly absorbed.

Lip Color, you are now ready for the patented colorization process of applying LIP INK® guaranteed smearproof & long lasting waxfree Liquid Lip Color. Be sure to finish by repeating #4.
Removing LIP INK® Liquid Lip Liners

To remove, simply apply LIP INK® Off solution and splash with water.

To make any corrections, simply dip a cotton tip applicator in the Off solution and make your correction. Splash lips with water and pat dry.

Upon first application of our classic LIP INK® color, to ensure proper color, you must first wipe the tip of the applicator. Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP INK®'s formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain.

NOTE: LIP INK® products may tingle, this reaction is normal. The sensation is due to the natural herbs and botanicals. Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP INK®'s formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain. The LIP INK® waxfree, guaranteed smearproof & long-lasting, multi-patented color product line is not compatible with any other cosmetic products. LIP INK® Color Cosmetics are based on scientific research and are protected by U.S. and International patents. Competitive products cannot legally duplicate LIP INK® Color Cosmetics and their precise chemistry. New customers should start with a kit when purchasing any of our guaranteed smearproof color.

SAFE PRODUCT FOR USE: If you experience any adverse reactions from use of this product, immediately discontinue use. Keep out of heat. The codes that appear randomly on vials provide Internal QC information only.

LIP INK® International, or a division of LIP INK® International. Hand-crafted, made in U.S.A.
May be covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Numbers:
5747017, 6001374, 6010709, 6027739, 6203809, 6395263, 6509009, AU 701794, AU 736718.


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