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Greet the Summer Fashion Season With a Smear Proof Kiss

Added : ( May 2005 )

Los Angeles, CA The change of the season is here, along with the challenge of keeping makeup from smearing light, clean colors that are taking center stage in clothing.

Dark wools are being replaced with white linens, but a flawless face never goes out of style, said Rose Nichols, CEO of LIP INK® International, El Segundo, CA. Fashion is incorporating natural stones and shells with the new metallic shoe trend, and bright pink tones in lipsticks cap off the summer look. The trick is making those bright lips last all party long. The solution is LIP INK® International.

LIP INK® International is currently the only makeup to claim all-natural ingredients and smear proof guaranteed or your money back. The wax-free, hypoallergenic, PETA approved products can be worn all day and all night without harm to the skin and are eco-friendly. LIP INK® International cuts down the time one has to stay in due to a little post-cosmetic summer surgery, and is even endorsed by the doctors themselves.

I can't tell you how many shirts I've covered with makeup just by changing my outfit (before a night out), said Valerie Barrett, a Cal Poly college student.

LIP INK® International's lipstick colors are made to be layered upon one another to create any desired shade. Since each person can create their own tint, the products are suited for any age group and any lifestyle.

Perfect for summer; a full day in the sun and water cannot ruin the staying power of this makeup. This waterproof, handcrafted product can stand up to a long day at the beach and even more importantly a long night. You can kiss away the embarrassing morning walk of shame sans makeup because
LIP INK® International lasts all night.

About LIP INK® International:

LIP INK® International, founded by Rose Nichols in 1995, is the world's original wax less, waterproof, smear proof, and ultra-durable, natural liquid lip color. This unique product keeps the color where it belongs: on your lips. Backed by multiple patents and industry awards, LIP INK® International's liquid lip color is the superior leader in lip color today. It is the only cosmetic company that can declare smear proof guaranteed or your money back. LIP INK® International is currently available at hundreds of spas, salons, doctors' offices and retail locations worldwide. For more information visit


Greet The Summer Fashion Season With A Smear Proof Kiss