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Diet Jewelry, delivered in the form of a diet necklace, has been designed to empower our truest  holistic essence, through the practice and techniques of Metaphysics, Eastern Medicine,  ancient historical practices and all that we know about the human body.   Healthy natural weight loss is attainable with our thoughts, deeds and practices. You are actually creating your own personalized healthy diet program.  No diet pills, diet drinks, liposuction, tummy tucks are necessary to sculpt away belly fat. Flabby underarms, thunder thighs, rhino honches, love handles.  Our diet plan leads you through a healthy diet with you designing your own diet program and weight management, using simple techniques that take you beyond diet and trend diet even one day diets or one week diets  to become the new you through intention, visualization and Abracadabra: As I speak I create.
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Diet Jewelry
Diet Jewelry
Price: $19.99