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Senegence LipSense

LIP INK's Guaranteed Smearproof versus LipSense's Long Lasting

- LIP INK® INTERNATIONAL started January 1, 1995, creating and self-manufacturing the world's only fully-patented, guaranteed smearproof cosmetic color products.

- LIP INK® can be used with a moisturizer unlike LipSense making it very drying.
- LIP INK® needs no sealer over the top of the color where LipSense requires a sealer to prevent from smearing and cannot be used without the sealer.
- LIP INK® contains no wax or preservatives unlike LipSense Lip Colors.
- LipSense is not compatible with LIP INK, it cannot be used with it.
- LipSense is considered a long lasting lip color is not guaranteed smearproof.
- LipSense has no patents related to it that are in use or that can be used.
- LipSense is a multi-level product.


Compare Colors: LIP INK® to Senegence LipSense

Our patented layering process can create over 1 million personalized colors.

Senegence Party Pink LipSense = Hi Mauve
Senegence Sheer Pink LipSense = Hi Mauve
Senegence Dark Pink LipSense = Hi Mauve and Grape Powder
Senegence Fuscia LipSense = Florida Pink
Senegence Blush LipSense = Mauve
Senegence Currant LipSense = Mothers Day Rose Quartz
Senegence Dusty Rose LipSense = Unisex
Senegence Sheer Berry LipSense = Ultra Amathyst
Senegence Plum LipSense = Sidney Sunset Gel
Senegence Blu-Red LipSense-Ruby
Senegence Red Cherry LipSense = Nude and Unisex
Senegence Brick Lipsense = Rose
Senegence Salmon LipSense = Blush
Senegence Peach LipSense = Redwood
Senegence Nude LipSense = Mocha
Senegence Mocha LipSense = Plum and Diamond Magic Powder
Senegence Light Bronze LipSense = Cocoa
Senegence Cranberry LipSense = Redwood
Senegence Clear LipSense = Clear
Senegence Neutral LipSense = Mothers Day Rose Quartz Gel
Senegence Beige Champagne LipSense = Champagne
Senegence RoseBerry LipSense = Ruby
Senegence Persimmon LipSense = Mango
Senegence Summer Sunset LipSense = Coral
Senegence Coral Reef Lipsense = Coral
Senegence Burnt Orange LipSense = Cedarwood
Senegence Pink Ice LipSense = Pink and Bubble Gum Magic Powder
Senegence Coral Ice LipSense = Orange and Neon Gel
Senegence Rose Ice LipSense = Arcturian Pink
Senegence Fire-n-Ice LipSense = Sandwood and Mauve
Senegence Spice Ice LipSense = Blush
Senegence Mauve Ice LipSense = Violet and Neon Gel