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Liquifying the Face of Make-Up

Rose Nichols, Inventor and CEO, created the first batch of liquid lip color right in her own kitchen. Her goal was to invent an extraordinary lip color, unlike lipstick, that offered a time-saving, confidence-building solution for active women. Not only did she create a product that when applied feels remarkably like bare skin, it is also beneficial to the lips. The revolutionary product speeds up natural lip exfoliation of dead skin cells, revealing softer, smoother, younger-looking lips in their natural state. Even now, eleven years later, with over 50 ultra-durable shades and over 1 million color combinations, she is deeply involved in product advancement and ensuring the product quality by handcrafting each color in small batches with the utmost care.

The LIP INK® Process (L.I.P.) is simple with unparalleled results.
(1) Users simply massage the patented Shine /Moisturizer onto clean, dry lips (lips can be cleaned with LIP INK® INTERNATIONAL's patented Off solution and water).
(2) Follow by applying liquid lip color to relaxed, parted lips and allowing liquid to dry for 10 seconds.
(3) After twice repeating step 2, finish by smoothing on the Shine/Moisturizer. Shine may be applied throughout the day to revitalize color and re-moisturize lips.
(4) For removal, gently dab on the patented Off solution onto your lips, massage in, then gently wipe off. Yes, it is so revo lutionary it actually requires our patented Off product (that is natural and healthy for your lips) to remove it! Women complain to me that their lipsticks constantly bleed into the fine lines and wrinkles around their lips,Nichols commented. Our liquid lip color is the perfect solution, because unlike lipstick, our patented formula will not bleed or feather into cracks. And, for fullness and definition, just apply liquid lip liner prior to the LIP INK® Process.

Founded in January 1995, LIP INK® INTERNATIONAL has since grown from the kitchen it was born in to an international enterprise. In addition to liquid lip color LIP INK® PATENTED WAX FREE SEMI-PERMANENT COSMETICS also offers Miracle Brow, Miracle Brow Tint, Lip Liners, Eye Liners, Lash Tint, Waxless Lip Balm, Tinted Shine and other accessories. All products are made with no added preservatives using pigments, 40 natural herbs and botanicals including goldenseal, chamomile, rosemary extract, seaweed, calendula extract, beta carotene, Vitamins E, C, B-5 (panthenol), 13 trace minerals, UVA and UVB protection and natural humectants. All ingredients meet U.S. FDA and CTFA cosmetic standards and guidelines. All our products are made in the U.S.A.

LIP INK® Timetable

1993 Rose Nichols graduates from the Fashion Institute of Los Angeles with a degree in Merchandise Marketing and Product Development

1994/95 Opening of the worlds first selling e commerce Semipermanent color Cosmetic web site selling hand crafted, made in the USA natural patented color cosmetics around the world

Rose Nichols joins the Society of Cosmetic Chemists and CTFA gaining much recondition in the cosmetics industry for color cosmetic knowledge

Rose Nichols founds LIP INK® International a California based Corporation that self manufactures patented decorative color cosmetics that are guaranteed smearproof.

1996 Rose Nichols focuses on consumer awareness, setting up trade shows around the world to introduce her product line through demonstration and to share

Her mission statement. LIP INK® will touch, empower, and make a difference in over one billion women's lives around the world and will eventually replace lipstick. Rose Nichols builds her factory, including IT department server room and color cosmetic lab. Rose writes her first recipe book on color combinations creating over a quarter of a million colors through the layering process she developed.

1997 Rose Nichols is granted her first US patent for a smearproof cosmetic- First making rounds in visiting the US patent office in Washing DC to prove her

Invention to the US patent officer. Rose Nichols receives her first award at the International Invention Convention for the best cosmetic invention. Featured on over 12 major network news and TV stations, around the USA. Glamour Magazine picks up the buzz and calls LIP INK® immovable as Hollywood movie stars are first introduced to the product line. LIP INK® international shoots three segments for TV, Training and the general public on the product line.

1998 Rose Nichols officially has her first patent published, her products are featured on the Christine Ferrari show with Andrew Wild, and many news articles congratulated her for her patented lip color. Rose Nichols wins one more award at the 1998 international invention convention for the best beauty and fashion product invented that year, she also was the guest speaker for the international invention convention, raising awareness for women and their empowerment. This event was picked up by 6 major news stations through the USA.

1999 Rose Nichols receives three more patents for her amazing inventions of smearproof color cosmetic products. Rose is honored by the Fashion Institute and invited to speak before the student body and counselors as they build their cosmetic programs and grow the cosmetic student body of the Fashion Institute. Rose Nichols gobbles up over 2000 domain names directly related to her cosmetic line, to get a better grasp of the internet traffic, soon to arrive.

2000 Rose Nichols receives two more patents for her smearproof cosmetics LIP INK® International appears in Soaps magazine, Make up artist Magazine and Estylo magazine as the editors choice product. Rose Nichols builds her second manufacturing plant including IT server room and color cosmetic lab.

2001 Rose Nichols is paid a visit by the president of Federal Express David Bronczek, as he tours the LIP INK manufacturing facility and because of our extensive use of Fed Ex shipping as we send internet company website packages around the world. Rose Nichols receives another smearproof cosmetic patent. Playboy movies behold the magic of our product line. Rose now has over 2000 locations both in the professional spa market and the plastic surgeon market, that sell her product line to the public.

2002 Rose Nichols stars in a documentary about her mission statement, featuring her factory and showing her process of her smearproof color cosmetic invention. Aired more than 300 times on the style network. Rose starts painting with LIP INK® Color building a museum on the web site . She recycles all the color product return to painters that can use a new paint medium. All artists are welcome to the returns, she only asks that she can post their paintings on the museum.

2003 Rose Nichols stars in her first TV commercial and shares her mission with the world. Rose Nichols invents 150 new products this year-with the introduction of natural flavors and color.

2004 Rose Nichols is known for her life long inventive and intuitive skills and a masterful beauty insider, along with her internet company trooper skills to take her cosmetic company 85% direct to consumer through the internet. Rose Nichols starts a new save the environment refill program- Ecology minded- She allows her consumers to send back their used color vials for refill.

2005 Rose Nichols joins the team of Pepperdine University MBA business graduates to get a new live spin on the business of lifestyle changing products as a beauty insider.. Rose also joins PETA and the Safe cosmetics campaign with the only wax free smearproof cosmetics in the world with a product line containing over 550 natural, personally hand crafted products, all made in the USA under the strict guidelines of CTFA, and FDA.

October 2005 Rose Nichols along with LIP INK® International is accepted by Women's business enterprise WBE a national council dedicated to women business owners and the support of women in business.

November 2005 Women's Wear Daily introduces our newest line of cosmetics sold exclusively on the internet.
December 2005 Rose Nichols and the team of LIP INK® International in November, joint venture with Pepperjam, an internationally recognized affiliate company, in order to maximize both brand awareness and internet exposure.


March 2006 Rose Nichols appears in the March issue of Beauty Launch Pad-Roses mission is conveyed in "Whats My Line" Celebrating the Entreprenurial Spirit.
April 2006 Rose Ni chols along with the team of LIP INK® International join the same PR firs used by NBC, Microsoft, Paramount Studios, Discovery Channel, and the Travel Channel NPPR They are highly specialized veterans in lifestyle branding and only accept a few prestigious companies at a time - We just became one of them- We consider them the best PR decision in the business .
May 2006 Baltimore Sun states: No Need to Blot. The question you have to ask yourself is: Do I really want a lipstick that's semi-permanent?
June 2006 LIP INK International hires ThinkAlchemy to produce the "Lip Diva" Book. ThinkAlchemy from Santa Monica, Ca, is run by Futurist Michael Glock, and his team that placed the Jewelry on the Matix movie series. LIP INK also found itself mentioned in the Baltimore Sun, Florida Times Union and Las Vegas Review Journal.
July 2006, the Worlds Largest Free Encyclopedia includes LIP INK® International under noted Cosmetics Companies.
August 2006 Marketing campaign: Exclusive Complimentary Test Drive - Offer Allows Consumers to Experiencefor the First Timethe Original Multi-Patented and Guaranteed Smear-Proof Liquid Lip Color . LIP INK® joins the national, nonprofit Animal Protection Institute (API) that currently houses and manages CCIC - the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics to raise awareness of cruelty-free products. "Tennessean Newspaper" features LIP INK® in Consumer Tips setions resulting in an overwhelming response for the Free LIP INK® Campaign.
September 2006Animal Protection Institute places LIP INK® on their home page for animal lover consumers to purchase LIP INK® products and have 15% of all sales go to API .