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Color Feng Shui

Color Feng Shui

Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

Color in your world This concept is part of the ancient Chinese design technique feng shui.
Color affects our moods, health and the way we think.
Color can be defined as light- visible radiant energy- of wavelengths. The retina contains photoreceptors called cones, they translate this energy into colors. The retina has three kinds of cones: One for green, one for blue and one for red, other colors are understood combining these colors. Studies indicate that when the energy of color enters our bodies, it stimulates our pineal and pituitary glands. This in turn affects the production of certain hormones, which in turn affects a variety of physiological processes. This explains why color affects thoughts, moods, behavior and health. Many experts feel this process is separate from psychological and cultural factors. Color even has an effect on blind people who are thought to sense color as a result of the energy vibrations created in our bodies.
Colors have been known to alleviate stress, stimulate energy, alleviate pain, and help with other physical problems

Blue is known for relaxing peaceful and calming effects, blue lowers blood pressure and heart rate and respiration, blue also can be cooling great for menopause it also helps with insomnia.

Green is known to help with depression, aid in loosing weight, helps cancer patients, exhaustion and heart problems.

Violet is known for suppressing the appetite and good for migraine headaches, scalp and kidney problems.

Red is known for warming the body, increasing your thought process, bladder infections, skin problems and increases energy.

Pink is known to have a soothing effect on the body, it is the romance color, helps with anxiety through its tranquilizing effect.

Orange is known to stimulate the appetite, it is the color of choice for lifting your energy, and general weakness, allergies and constipation can also be improved.

Yellow is known as the memory color, yellow has an energizing effect, helps relieve depression, aids in treating muscle cramps, hypoglycemia, overactive thyroid and gallstones.

Black is known for suppression of appetite, it is a great builder of self confidence and strength.