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LIP INK Celebrity Testimonials

LIP INK has a long history of providing fine cosmetic and health care products to celebrities in the film, TV, fashion, and music industries. We are proud to count the following among some of our more well-known clients, past and present:

Celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung used a combination of our classic Red #1 Liquid Lip Lipstick and Hyper Shine Lip Moisturizer in a new music video, "You for Me" by Rita Ora and DJ Sigala. 100% Smearproof technology is put to the test while Rita Ora and professional synchronized swimmer/dancers Aqualillies are in and out of the water.

Women in the military are American Celebrities supporting Lip Ink International. We are a veteran, women-owned business. The military look is showing up in runways in Paris and in America as a popular fashion statement.

Melania Trump is known for wearing a variation of a nude lip color when spotted in the public eye. If you’re looking to find her same color with Lip Ink’s 100% Smear Proof Liquid Lip Color, we recommend the lip colors in Guava and Ginger.

“Lip color that lasts, even through yoga class.”-Freda Payne
Mindi Abair thanks Lip Ink for the ultimate smearproof lipstick
“Want the ultimate lipstick test?” Play a 2 hour show on saxophone with my band or with Aerosmith.
LIP INK® is my secret to looking great all the way through a show; not getting my lip color smeared around or taken off by my saxophone mouthpiece. Thank you LIP INK!
My favorite Lip Ink® lip colors are Mango and Arcturian Pink."
- Mindi Abair Jazz Saxophonist

Dita Von Teese wearing
LIP INK Lip color
For stunning and classic red lips like Dita Von Teese, try our LIP INK ENERGY RED LIP Color

"Thank you for the Lip Ink!!
I LOVE IT!! I’m wearing it all the time! "

Lorielle New

"I love LIP INK, I don't go anywhere without it. I refer it to all my friends."

- Carla Ferrigno with her husband Lou Ferrigno

LIP INK Miracle Brow Liner
as seen on Scarlett Johansson
Kathy Jeung World Renowned Make Up Artist using LIP INK in New Target Commercials

Brunette Model wearing Patented Guaranteed Smearproof LIP INK TF Pink Red

Blond is wearing LIP INK Red #1

All You Magazine | Anne Kibler of Charlottesville Makeup Artist

"LIP INK is unlike any lipstain that I have ever used in my life. You can create the color you want, it's not just a color out of the box. I love all the colors you can make. Follow the directions and exfoliate your lips and you will be amazed how great your lips can look. Great for brides too."

- Anne Kibler

Megan Mason, July Pet of the Month and Pure Steel model, is a new LIP INK Cosmetics fan! Megan Mason, July Pet of the Month and Pure Steel model, is a new LIP INK Cosmetics fan!

Megan Mason, July Pet of the Month and Pure Steel model, is a new LIP INK Cosmetics fan!

The Bernaola Twins are Playboy's Playmate 2000

The Bernaola Twins are Playboy's Playmate 2000. They are from the Jungles of Peru originally, and are now living in Miami. They both love LIP INK Cosmetics, and use it all the time. Especially while being on Promotional Tour all this year as the Playmate 2000, Carol and Darlene really love the staying power of LIP INK Cosmetics.

Cathryn VanBreene
Make-up artist

Cathryn VanBreene has been a professional make-up artist for 14 years. She stumbled onto her career while working in Paris as an apprentice for Vogue and Dior. After a few fun-filled years, she returned to the states to work for several top cosmetic companies as a "National Make-up Artist". To broaden her styling techniques Cathyrn attended Joe Blasco and also worked in film and TV.

Barneys New York approached Cathryn and created a new position in their Beverly Hills store that highlighted her skills as an expert make-up artist. She was given a private studio in the store where she worked with celebrity clients, social elite and designers, in particular Vera Wang. Utilizing her knowledge of styling and her extraordinary make-up skills, Cathryn worked closely with Vera Wang Bridal and their clients to create her own distinctive edge.
Four years ago, Cathryn opened her own industrial studio in the heart of Venice. The studio continually works with high profile clients for award shows, social events and print. Creating a unique style that embodies all aspects of the client: hair, make-up, dress and ambiance are all the factors she takes into consideration. Cathryn's style has been called fresh, unforgettable and unique. Ninety percent of her business now comes from industry professional's referrals.

Cathryn's work has been highlighted in many top industry magazines such as Elle, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Martha Stewart, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Bells, Grace Ormond Wedding and many others. Additionally, she works with numerous wedding dress designers and their clients. Together they create an unforgettable style for the bride.


"LIP INK cosmetic color gives me the freedom of not having to touch up my lipstick throughout an entire busy day! I never have to worry about transferring lipstick or getting it on my teeth, haven't been able to touch another lip product since discovering LIP INK."

- Model & Blogger Christine Nguyen is wearing
'Energy Red Liquid Lip Color '

"I love LIP INK Lip Color
and Miracle Brow Liner"
Kathy Jeung
World renowned makeup artist

Debra Dietrich
Make-up artist
Paul Mitchell Systems

"I am a Professional Make-Up Artist and have been in the Beauty Industry for 30 years. I have been the National Make-up artist of choice for Paul Mitchell Systems for the past 15 years, maybe more! When I discovered your product, I was thrilled! I tried the Red (of course) for the Scott Cole Color Cutting USA show in Long Beach for the JPMS COLOR LAUNCH. I did not have to be concerned about the girls messing up their lipstick once it was applied. To a make-up artist do you have any idea what this means??? While prepping 26 girls and working around the stylists and wardrobe, eating, rehearsing, and doing final touches I was thrilled with the low maintenance once the LIP INK Color was applied. Now I do not worry about them eating or drinking afterwards.

The response last season as we toured the country using LIP INK Liquid Lip Color Red with the Shine over it was great. Everywhere we went after each show we would have many people come up and ask, "what is that red you use... it look great!" I sent a lot of people to your booth and the girls took great care of them. LIP INK Cosmetics has really helped me on the road. Thank you!"

"Suga Brown-Faal"
Make up Artist

1. You are a woman of color and a make up artist , well versed in the art of makeup, what are the factors involved with determining the right lip and or eye color products, both for daytime and evening?
1. The time of year ( in the summer one gets a little more color in their skin)
2. Location ( office, party, beach, etc.)

2. Do you usually line your lips and if so what are the best colors?
Yes When going natural ( Plum, Brown, Skin Tones)

3. Now that you have been using the LIP INK product line, how would you best describe the best attributes this product line has for women of color and do you have any special tips you would like to share? If you had one thing you could share about the LIP INK Product line with other women- what would it be?
It has staying power... For people with oily skin this is a major factor. The product layers well giving you many choices

Jennifer Ramsey
"Performance Artist"

Jennifer Ramsey has been performing as a Tribute Artist since 1995. She won the World Tribute Artists Championship Award in 2005 for her Impersonation of Marilyn Monroe. Jennifer uses her experience as a hairstylist and makeup artist to become many characters. She loves LIP INK products for their staying power. Especially the LIP INK Eyeliners and assorted Lip Colors. Jennifer also emulates Liza, Lucy, Bette Davis, Joan Rivers, Mae West, Gloria Swanson and many others.

To see more go to

Barbara Ann Klein

"I am Barbara Anne Klein, also known as "StuntBarbie", a busy Hollywood Stuntwoman in the Film and Television industry. One of the craziest pet peeves I have on the set is when our lipstick wears off sounds silly, but the last thing on my mind before being thrown off a bridge, jumping out of a moving car, or being lit on fire is my lipstick, especially when we are hiding our faces to keep the illusion alive that I am REALLY Demi, Goldie, Dolly, Yasmine or Meg! As a joke on "Baywatch" one day, I 'drew my mouth on' with a red Sharipie marker, and even after several takes in the water, the make-up department didn't have to worry. They were able to take their time attending to their stars. I was happy, they were happy, and we all had a good laugh. But Sharpies don't come in assorted colors, nor are they made for lips, AND they taste terrible! Thank goodness, LIP INK was invented, as I soon found out while performing a stunt on "Days of Our Lives". I and have been a LIP INK fan ever since. Not to mention the Eyelash and Eyebrow tints that don't perspire off even under a racing helmet! If MY makeup can stay on after a typical day on the set, Lip Ink cosmetics are SURE to keep up with the average lady's needs."

Cinematically Yours,
Barbara Ann Klein "StuntBarbie" (Barbie Dolls Don't Break!!)

Roseanne Barr is a very appreciative fan of LIP INK Cosmetics!

Rosie O' Donnell is a very appreciative fan of LIP INK Cosmetics!

Dr. Robyn is a very appreciative fan of LIP INK Cosmetics!

Freda Payne is a very appreciative fan of LIP INK Cosmetics!

Roseanne Rosie O'Donnell Dr. Robyn Freda Payne

Heather Ogilvie, Miss Texas, is a great addition to our many wonderful LIP INK Cosmetics users!

Heather Ogilvie,
Miss Texas, is a great
addition to our many
wonderful LIP INK
Cosmetics users!

Julia Shultz is Playboy's Playmate for Feb 1998

Julia Shultz is Playboy's Playmate for Feb 1998. She can be seen on several national TV commercials, and has had several supporting roles in movies.

Dita Diva
Dita von Teese
, model and actress.

"There is simply no other long lasting lipstick in the same league as LIP INK Color! I live in red lipstick, and nothing else stays on all day, all night, and even through a passionate smooch! I think LIP INK Cosmetics are just swell!."
Stars that Use LIP INK
Brandon Beemer, Ashley Van Dyke, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Eric & Eliza Roberts, Kenny Aronoff, Esai Morales, Kym E. Whitley, Greg & Elizabeth Grunberg, Casper Van Dean, Alice Greczyn, Tony Dovolani, William Shatner and Elizabeth Anderson Martin Hector Elizondo Esai Morales, Carrie Preston, Kathy Najimi, Corey Feldman, Casper Van Dien, James Avery, James Kyson Lee, Jeff Garlin, Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, , Keisha Knight Pulliam, , Lou & Carla Ferrigno, Christian De La Fuente, Ted McGinley, Neal McDonough, Michael Welch, Robert David Hall, Rolanda Watts, Stacy Keibler, Neal Mc donough & wife Ruve, Catherine Oxenberg, Rumer Willis & Micah Albert, Sofia Milos, Kathy Joosten, Melanie Griffith, Nina Long, Carrie Preston, Nadia Bjorlin, Britney Spears, Geena Davis, Maria Luisa Gil, Jim Carrey, Courteney Cox, Farrah Fawcett, Kirstie Alley, The Dahm Triplets, Daphnee Lynn Duplaix, Beverly D'Angelo, Dolly Parton, Julie Strain, Diana Ross, Courtney Love, Mrs. Jessie Jackson, Mrs. George Steinbrenner, Members of the American Ballet Company (ABT)

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