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Organic Lip Moisturizer and Moisturizing Lip Stains

Our unrivaled selection of LIP INK® Wax Free Lip Moisturizing products including stains, glosses, plumpers, balms, translucents, flavored, hyper and matte moisturizers are hand crafted in the U.S.A from Natural, Organic, Vegan and Kosher botanical ingredients. We’ve designed these products to provide maximum hydration, sun protection and unparalleled performance. All of our lip care products are comprised of natural, organic and vegan botanical ingredients that are cruelty free and empower your healthy sustainable lifestyles. After just a few applications, your lips will look and feel smooth and healthy. Not compatible with other cosmetic products.

Improving the health of your lips no longer has to be difficult to achieve using our Exfoliating and restoring lip care spa treatment kit perfect for both men and women. This kit will rejuvenate your lips with macadamia nut oil and natural plant protein peptides revealing instant healthy and hydrated lips. To apply, simply use the included Lip Loofah Buffer and smoothie salt scrub and massage your lips for two minutes. The results are astounding—your lips will look and feel plump, polished and hydrated.

At Lip-Ink, we’re devoted to providing high-quality professional cosmetic products without taking shortcuts because you deserve only the best hand crafted formulas for your healthy lifestyle. Each of our makeup products is handcrafted for your enjoyment and self-confidence with our patented moisturizing wax free technology.
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