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Yoga for cosmetic beauty II

This simple series of exercises should be done on a daily basis as it works on the entire neck region and help you relax as well. Cautions: Move your head very gently, as directed, but only as far as if you're comfortable. Do not strain your neck. These exercises should not be done by those with very high or very low blood pressure, or with extreme cervical spondylosis. Those with cervical spondylosis should avoid bending their neck forward.

  Sit with your legs stretched out and back straight
  Bend one leg, place the ankle on the opposite thigh, close to the groin. Bend the other leg and place that ankle on the thigh of the bent leg, close to the groin. Place your hands on your knees.

  Close your eyes, keep the body straight, slowly drop your head towards the left shoulder - don't turn the head or lift the shoulders.
  Raise the head and drop towards the right shoulder, as shown.

  Slowly move the head back, as far as comfortable. Do not strain
  Slowly bring head back up and move it in front to touch the chin to the chest.

  Gently turn the head to your left so that the chin is in line with the shoulders
  Now gently turn the head to the right, as far as comfortable.

  Slowly rotate the head clockwise down to chest, to the right, backward and to the left in a relaxed, smooth, rhythmic, circular movement
  Now gently rotate anti-clockwise i.e. in opposite direction.