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Whitening Kit Technology in an Everyday Toothpaste

No matter the season, a beautiful, white and healthy smile never goes out of style. Contrary to popular belief, getting those pearly whites bright doesn't need to be expensive or a hassle. Dentist Dennis Wells says all it may take is a simple adjustment to your brushing routine.

Here's a new toothpaste with whitening kit technology that is definitely news to smile about.

"Adding the powerful combination of baking soda and peroxide to your daily oral care regimen can effectively improve the whiteness of your teeth to get the beautiful and healthy smile you want," says Wells.

Dr. Wells says to be selective about the whitening toothpaste you use.

"The unique formula of Mentadent Advanced Whitening Supreme uses the same type of peroxide found in leading whitening kits, yet can be used every time you brush. It provides whitening kit technology in an everyday toothpaste, offering whitening and brightening benefits with just one week of use."