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Vascular lesion treatment

Other vascular lesions tend to grow without treatment and may eventually deform the face or cause internal problems. The recommended treatment may vary, depending on what type of lesion is involved, its size, how deep it is, and if it's growing internally or harming other organs.

Some vascular birthmarks can be improved with steroids; others must be surgically removed. Most flat vascular lesions are treated with a laser. In other cases, the mark may be addressed with a combination of these methods. When laser is used, most experts prefer the yellow pulsed-dye laser, as it targets the dark reddish or bluish pigments usually found in vascular lesions.

Several laser treatments spaced over a period of months are required for best results. The laser tends to be more effective than previous methods of removing birthmarks and has a lower risk of scarring. However, before making any treatment decisions, it's important that you understand all the available options.