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Vaishaly Patel Skin Care

London's favourite, secret facialist (and eyebrow wizard to boot) has brought her newly launched skincare line to Beyond Beauty. Vaishaly Patel works out of a chic Paddington Street salon, departing her wisdom to a growing band of devotees. This is wisdom well-earned and stripped of the blinding-by-science that one gets from many of the skincare giants.

'I honestly believe that 99% of women are using the wrong products for their skin. Anxious about ageing, they're seduced by the jargon, believing that if a cream's more expensive, it must be better. But there's so much more that you can do for skin that will make a real, visible difference...' says Vaishaly.

The Vaishaly range is based on her two basic principles of skincare - simple cleansing and nourishing and in accordance with her holistic approach, is derived from organic ingredients wherever possible. Ingredients that include skin-strengthening macadamia nut oil and anti-ageing Rosa Damascena oil are complemented perfectly by Vaishaly's secret and crucial component - her special facial massage technique. This helps to boost the effectiveness of the formulations by stimulating circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage. At Beyond Beauty you'll find the Cleansing Balm (59) the Facial Wash (35) the Day Moisturiser SPF15 (45) in two versions, dependant on skin-type, and the Night Cream (55). And that's all you need according to Vaishaly, no fancy combinations and rituals, just good honest skincare. Now there's a beauty secret worth keeping.

Vaishaly is available exclusively at all our UK and Irish stores.