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"Trinity Cosmetics" Blessed Balm Lip Revival Treatment Honored

Trinity Cosmetics, the first divinely inspired cosmetics company, is succeeding in its mission to offer premium bath and body products with a positive message to all women. "Women's Health & Fitness Magazine," picked Trinity's Blessed Balm Lip Revival Treatment as the top lip balm in its "Best of 2006 Beauty Awards." Trinity's product beat out hundreds of entries that were tried and evaluated by a team of beauty professionals.

"We were thrilled to learn that our Blessed Balm had been chosen as the best lip balm of 2006," said Stacey Adams, co-founder and president of Trinity Cosmetics. "It's not often that a small, niche brand gets this kind of recognition. We are honored and feel really blessed."

Stacey said the company's success is based on the tireless efforts she and her co-founder, husband Zachary Adams, have put into creating a brand that is an inspiration and encouragement to women. "With a timeless message of hope and comfort our products focus on the positive," she said.

Founded in 2005, Trinity Cosmetics uses the highest quality ingredients, many of which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and contribute valuable benefits. The Trinity collection also contains the finest essential oils and botanical extracts from flowers, herbs, fruits, leaves and roots.

The Trinity Cosmetics Collection includes:

Revival Treatment, formulated to revive the neediest, and often neglected, parts of your body:

Blessed Balm Lip Revival Treatment. Trinity's award-winning lip balm will breathe life into dry, cracked lips. This reviving balm instantly nourishes and softens. Within seconds, lips are shiny, silky and appear fuller.

Palm Sundae Hand Revival Treatment. Soothe and soften seriously parched hands with this unique, non-greasy formula that instantly moisturizes thirsty skin, leaving even the roughest skin hydrated and velvety smooth.

Sole Savor Foot Revival Treatment. Hydrating essentials nourish and relieve tired, achy feet, while peppermint extract refreshes and naturally deodorizes.

Milk and Honey Collection, to soothe tired, cranky skin:

Comforting Bubble Bath. Indulge in the silky, comforting lather that will gently cleanse, soothe and nourish your body, soul and spirit.

Comforting Body Cream. Hydrate, soothe and feed your body with the sweetness of the Promised Land with this luxurious body cream.

Comforting Sugar Scrub. Smoothes skin with exfoliating sugars and softens with hydrating essentials.

Salt of the Earth Collection, to gently season your skin:

Seasoning Body Wash. Reap the invigorating and refreshing benefits of this lush, creamy body wash that also doubles as a revitalizing bubble bath.

Seasoning Body Cream. Treat parched skin with this rich body cream that absorbs quickly. Enjoy the moisturizing effects for hours.

Seasoning Salt Scrub. Sea Salts, including Dead Sea Salts, smooth and whisk away dry, dull skin. Hydrating essentials soften while revitalizing the senses.