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Tricks For Buying Shoes

# Consider your wardrobe. Does it matter if you decide to choose a color that you have never worn before? It probably does. You might have a closet full of black and a sudden interest in brown shoes might cause just a little bit of a problem.

# Consider price carefully. A $5.00 pair of runners might last you the summer, as they did for my husband on one occurrance. Surprisingly enough, they held up extremely well and were amazingly good value for the money. I am still surprised at this one! He might not be as lucky next time, so be warned.
# Don't believe that you can "break in" a pair of shoes. If they don't feel right in the store, they never will. On the other hand, be sure to wear the style of sock that you will be wearing with that particular shoe. Too thick or too thin will obviously change the feel of the shoe.

# Be sure that the shoes fit both feet. While this might seem a little odd, no two feet are exactly the same size. One foot might be a little larger than the other.

# Finally, shop for shoes later in the day. Your feet are at their smallest in the morning and will swell slightly as the day progresses. Shoes fitting well in the morning might not be comfortable later in the day for that very reason.