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Top Weight Loss Trends

So how can one know which diet "trends" to follow? According to Joeseph Risser, M.D., director of clinical research for Lindora Medical Clinics, the following dietary habits will be "in" or "out" in 2005:

OUT - Supersizing
IN - Portion Control
This year will bring about a "paradigm shift" in how Americans order and serve food using smaller portions and basing our enjoyment of a meal not by how big it is, but by how well it satisfies. 

OUT - Fad Diets
IN - Balanced Diets
Atkins, South Beach and other fad diets have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. Those seeking to lose weight safely and effectively will explore their best options with a physician and embark on safe, moderate diet program. 

OUT - Low-Carb Craze
IN - Well-Rounded Meals
As of late, the words "low-carb" have been emblazoned on nearly every food product imaginable to make them more appealing to shoppers. In 2005, consumers will, once again, begin purchasing their food based on striking a sensible balance between the food groups. 

OUT - Skipping Meals
IN - Regularly Scheduled Meals & Snacks
It's not uncommon for those trying to lose weight to skip breakfast, have a small lunch and finish off the day with a large meal. Weight conscious individuals will be better served by enjoying three moderately portioned meals along with small, healthy snacks. 

OUT - "All-Or-Nothing" Workouts
IN - Regular Moderate Exercise
It happens every year - those looking to lose weight join gyms and work out so hard that they eventually lose interest. In 2005, the trend will be to perform shorter moderate workouts that offer reasonable fitness goals. 

OUT - Always Cooking The Same Old Thing
IN - Exploring New Culinary Ideas
Change is good. Adding vegetarian-inspired foods and ingredients will be the new ideal way to spruce up one's diet in a healthy fashion. 

OUT - Diet Guilt
IN - Healthy Outlook
Instead of feeling bad and stressing over these "transgressions," incorporate a positive outlook, acknowledge that you are human and continue with your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.