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Tips for acne prevention

You can prevent acne or stop further spread of the inflammation by following some acne prevention tips that include proper maintenance of skin, hair, diet and little physical exercise.

It is suggested to keep the body parts clean, particularly which are acne-prone like face, neck, back and genital areas. Wash them with a mild soap at least twice a day. Avoid using fragranced soaps or rough cleansing pads. If your skin is oily, you should clean your skin of oils, but do not over dry the skin or vigorously scrub the skin. After using soap, be sure to clean it properly. If you sweat, clean them as soon as possible.

Avoid using cosmetics that include lots of chemicals and fragrance. You should also choose oil-free cosmetics which do not have the potential to clog pores. Remove make-up and cosmetic applications with a mild soap before going to sleep. Cosmetics may clog your pores and promote acne. Also, do not contaminate make-up and cosmetic application devices by reusing them in acne-infected parts.

Do not try to remove pimples by popping and squeezing them. This pushes the infectious materials, contained in the pimple, further into the skin and increases the severity of acne. It may also help further spread of acne.

Avoid tight clothes and other articles that rub on acne-prone areas for acne preventions. Keep your pillow cases, sheets, towel, hanky, etc, clean. The articles should be washed frequently with a mild detergent.

Besides, do not expose your skin to sunlight. Sunburn is extremely dangerous to the skin. Try to remain in shade as much as possible that may help you in acne prevention.

Hair and hair care products, which usually contain oils, should be kept away from acne-prone areas. Hair sprays are likely to make contact with the face. So, remove these oily residues from the face immediately.

Though diet is not the cause of acne, it contributes to the state of acne. Your diet should include essential vitamins and minerals to assist the body in regulating the balance of oil and other acne producing components.

Apart from these, regular exercise is important to reduce stress, balance hormones and increase the circulation of blood and oxygen to the skin. Poor circulation of blood and oxygen helps in clogging of oils and toxins. The sweat generated by exercise is known to assist in cleaning skin pores and reduces acne.