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Three Trends For Shedding Weight Before Summer

As summer approaches, millions of Americans are trying to figure out how to lose excess pounds for beach season. Some are following a few new trends.

Finding the perfect formula for weight loss isn't easy. So what are the diet trends for 2006?

Dana Points of Self Magazine says there are three basic "in" words to look for.

"Whole foods, pleasure and hormones," she says.

Other experts say the higher quality the food, the better.

"Anything that is straight from nature, with nothing added, and nothing taken away [is best]," says Dawn Jackson Blatner of the American Diabetic Association.

Some examples of these high-quality foods are fresh fruit, brown rice and lean meats. Experts say the more of these foods you can add to your diet, the leaner you should be.

"When you have low calorie, high filling foods, you tend to lose weight," Blatner says.

And when it comes to losing weight, "pleasure foods" may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But dieticians say 'pleasure' is a buzzword that is tickling some taste buds.

"Pleasure, or slow eating, is about savoring every bite that you take," says Lisa Dorfman of the American Diabetic Association. "So it's really enjoying the food, really making it a holistic experience."

Then there is the hype over hormones especially Leptin, which is a hormone derived from fat cells that regulates the urge to eat. When Leptin is out of balance, some believe the brain gives you permission to over-eat.

Regardless of which trend you may follow, experts say the key is customizing your diet.

Points says, "You gotta just find something that works for you and stick with it."