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Teeth Jewels are Better than Teeth Grills

Nelly gave the "Grillz" popularity with his hit, however many dentists are expressing concern about this shiny tooth accessory. A less expensive and trendy alternative to having a "bling" in your smile are temporary Tooth Jewels offered in many different shapes and sizes.

Dentists are becoming very concerned about the popular "Grillz" regarding hygiene and non-professionals fitting of the grills. The latest craze in dental offices throughout the United States isn't just whitening anymore, but a fashion trend adding a new meaning to the term a "stunning smile"! Tooth jewelry, which are temporary gems bonded onto the tooth.

DecoDent Teeth Jewelry temporary white and yellow gold Tooth Jewels are gaining popularity, since they are non-invasive, professionally attached, and still add some "bling" to your teeth.

Tooth Jewels are much more affordable than a grill and it only takes a few minutes to attach them, says dental assistant Monika Linau who introduces this growing trend to dental offices.

Tooth Jewels are specially manufactured for dental use and attached with a light-curing composite. They are placed and aligned within 20 seconds with no drilling or pain.

Tooth Jewels can stay in place from eight months to up to many years, but can easily be removed at any time by a dentist. They do not impede daily dental care or regular hygienist cleanings.

"The Tooth Jewels are very popular with the trendy Hollywood crowd who want something different to express their individualism with," says Dr. Sam Saleh from Ora Dentistry Spa in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Saleh, who is the featured cosmetic dentist on the Tyra Banks Show, describes it as edgy chic, as it is very cool in a rich sophisticated way.

No longer is this latest trend in body art only for hip-hop celebrities or film stars, DecoDent offers these shiny tooth jewels to local customers in dental offices and spas. The price for the procedure varies depending on jewel and dental fees.