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Take a ride on the 'sex train'

There's not a ghost or skeleton in sight as riders in mini carriages zip past computer-operated mannequins simulating sex scenes.

And then there's the reenactment of the infamous 1993 Bobbit attack, in which American woman Lorena Bobbitt cut off part of her husband John's penis.

Perth adults will be the first in the world to ride the sex train when it debuts in the West Australian city at the four day Club X Sexpo on Thursday.

Sexpo organiser David Ross says that as far as he knows, the two-minute ride, conceived over a long lunch, is unique.

"I think we can legitimately claim it as a world first," Mr Ross told AAP today.

He said one group had expressed concerns the ride might be a bit too real, and could inspire people to emulate Lorena Bobbitt's act.

"But if anyone mistakes it for real, and thinks that that is something they should go off and do in their private life, then they are sadly mistaken and should probably have their funny bone checked out," he said.

"They should come and see that it is fun and just an entertainment ride."

Penile artist Tim Patch will be another star attraction when he unveils portraits he's painted - with his penis - of Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley.

Sexpo is expecting a record crowd of more than 35,000 in Perth, potentially stealing Brisbane's crown as "Australia's Sexiest City" by attracting more visitors on a per capita basis.