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Sun Protection Tips

Being exposed to the sun in the city, where due to the pollution ozone layer is virtually nonexistent is another, much more deadlier. Plus, in the city we have to shield ourselves from other harmful elements such as airborne chemicals, dust, and car . That's why protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is the most important skin care step in the summer time.

Not only a UV radiation can damage your skin and speed up the formation of wrinkles, but it can also put you on risk of skin cancer.

No matter how much you plan to spend on your sunblock, there's a lot of options to choose from. High-end sunscreens often use less irritating ingredients and offer additional benefits, such as antioxidants, moisturizers, light tints and even anti-wrinkle ingredients. We find that more expensive brands are less greasy and are quickly absorbed, even when offer SPF30 and higher. That's why they work better for the face.

Keep in mind, thought, that sunblocks, even expensive ones, have expiration dates, and most often you'll have to use them within one or two years.

Lips need protection too. For a day on the beach, choose a heavier protection and ditch the color - it rubs off quickly anyway. Try RoC Minesol SPF20 High Protection Lipstick which is waterproof, scentless, tasteless, and gives just the right amount of glow. We use it as a balm every day! For a touch of color, pick the lip gloss with SPF no lower than 15. You'll love the non-sticky Biotherm Sunfitness Crystal Gloss SPF 15.

Don't forget to apply your sunscreen frequently, after a swim or a workout. You'll thank us later!