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Stress and Aging: A Holistic Practice to Help Stop Aging

North America accounts for only 7% of the world's population but dominates the world's GDP.

What we've actually gained is a stressed-out nation and the highest cancer rates, more than anyone else in the world. We're producing less children, some sociologist claim that it is fear of adding more burdens to our already hectic lives. We're not talking about exciting new job jitters but prolonged emotional stress.

Stress and Aging

Our stressful lives make us old. Scientists have finally identified the first direct link between stress and aging. When we start to feel pulled at both ends how many of us really give our bodies a break? And, what about our skin? Dull complexion, blemishes, eczema and other skin disorders can be a direct result of prolonged stress. It can even result in premature aging...,even at your age.

Perhaps its time we manage our lives in a more holistic life style. The holistic view brings mind, body and sole together, it seeks balance.

So, instead of reaching for a quick fix, invest in some of these holistic practices that promote your good health and emotional well-being over the long-term. Because after all, good health and natural glowing skin really is...,skin deep.

Massage for Longevity

The treatment of massage is effective in combating the negative effects of aging. The benefits of a massage are numerous including stress reduction, increased circulation, increased energy and, decreased fatigue. In fact, during a more vigorous massage this encourages blood flow to the skin bringing healthy nutrients and oxygen. And, a massage is always deserved after a work-out at the gym.

Quiet your Mind

Whether it is mediation, prayer or a silent walk through the woods, add this practice to your daily routine. A time you remove all noise from television, radio, phones from your daily obligations, even a 5 minute quite session will help you relieve stress, ground your footing and refocus on what's really important.

This can be especially beneficial during times of greater stress. Because the greater our perception of what kind of stress we are under, the worse we will feel.

One Day at a Time

Difficult as it may be, try to remove many of the processed foods from your daily diet. Especially during times of stress where many of us will reach for something high in sugar - studies have shown that sugar can cause premature aging and of course, contributes to obesity. Start by replacing one food item, make it easy and make it fund - take it one day at a time.

It all comes together

Then there are too many sleepless nights, greasy skin, bad diet and puffy eyes - for some of you, your skin maybe paying the price for your stressful life. Take care of your skin. Cleanse daily with a delicate facial cleanser, one that contains a natural, organic alpha-hydroxy acid to help shrink open pores which seem to get bigger as we age. Do exfoliate often which improves circulation, removes dead cells and keeps the skin glowing. Use only quality, natural skin care that provides holistic benefits to your skin.