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Steven Victor Skin Care

Beyond Beauty aims to make this important choice a whole lot simpler by separating the skincare wheat from the skincare chaff and stocking what we believe to be the world's best dermatological lines. And this May we've introduced a ground breaking new one, based in New York and the creation of a well-respected dermatologist, Steven Victor MD. With this eponymous range, he has capitalised on the increasing need for a credible alternative to invasive surgery and has invested his years of experience in dermatology and the beauty industry into it.

So what's the difference between these products and the others that seem to take up so many beauty column inches? Using a patented technology, each product contains multiple ingredient complexes that  enhance or complement each other (formulations from many ranges contain just one active ingredient, which necessitates the need to use  other products alongside them). The complexes meet the needs of ageing skin on multiple levels but are incorporated into a simple set of six products consisting of the Anti-Aging Cleanser 50, Growth Factor Serum 150, Intensive Wrinkle Repair 200, Eye Repair Rx 150, Miracle Serum 110 and Bio Nutritive Luxury Cream 300. They all are designed to provide treatments for differing skin conditions or areas of the face.

''These formulations not only protect and restore the skin, they help prevent and visibly reverse the signs of ageing.'' says Dr. Victor. And in the States, where sales of the line have seen almost exponential growth since launch, that claim seems to have a pretty firm backing. The Steven Victor MD range is available at all our UK and Irish stores.