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Stardust Collaborates with MAC Cosmetics to Create "Culture Bloom"

Bicoastal creative production company Stardust Studios ( recently collaborated with MAC Cosmetics to create an artistic in-store video.  Stardust art director Brad Tucker and executive producer Eileen Doherty teamed-up to co-direct the 4:20 showpiece, which was used in conjunction with other promotional elements in pre-release events across the U.S. on Feb. 14.  The presentation will also be featured in international M.A.C stores through June, and is part of a Culture Bloom CD-ROM release being distributed to event attendees.

"Culture Bloom is a very colorful new collection, and M.A.C is extremely proactive when it comes to empowering their distributors and those who use their products," explained Doherty.  "We began working with the company in December to handle all aspects of creating this video.  Each individual featured in the video inspired the look and movement of the finished piece.  One of our main challenges was keeping the design and animation fresh and imaginative from beginning to end."

Tucker and Doherty filmed their subjects in New York at Shadow Studios, with Barry Norwood serving as the director of photography.  Edited by Stardust's Tony Hall, the finished project prominently features elegant animation created by artists Sandy Chang, Magnus Hierta, and Sam Sparks, which accentuates the subjects' faces and flows from one person to the next.